Mountainsmith Riding Wave of Momentum Heading into Summer ‘16

July 4, 2016

Golden, CO (July 4, 2016) – Mountainsmith—craftsmen of iconic backcountry equipment and recreational outdoor gear—is riding a wave of momentum after posting record year-over-year growth to date in every major product category, expanding the brand’s design and marketing teams, and creating strategic partnerships within newly tapped markets.

Mountainsmith is in high demand among specialty retailers across the nation, as shown by an over 20% increase in year over year sales, significant increases in top line sales across new-for-2016 backpacks and lumbar packs, and increased placement in tents, trekking poles, and soft-sided coolers. The trekking pole category has been bolstered by the roll out of a new fixture program, landing key branding and point-of-purchase placement on retail floors across the country, and leading to easy, self-serve, high sell-through results for dealers large and small. “Mountainsmith hits the sweet spot for price value product, while exceeding quality expectation,” says Bruce Marsh of BRM Reps. “My dealers appreciate the consistent service, and like me, find the company extremely easy to work with. With a history of innovation, each new line contains a few new surprises, while delivering classic Mountainsmith design.”

Mountainsmith’s success in 2016 thus far is also accredited to strong re-designs throughout the brand’s entire lumbar pack and backpack lines. Strategic partnerships and collaborations with brand names like Cordura and Robic, as well as influencer partnerships with the American Alpine Club, National Ski Patrol and the Colorado Mountains Club have paved the way for perceptive new designs while maintaining the brand’s decades-long commitment to value and durability.

Mountainsmith has also secured major sales gains in international markets.  The brand has partnered with a new 3PL partner in Canada and gained independent sales representative coverage across the country.  Additionally, new distribution partners have launched in territories in Europe and Asia.  This new push has helped to diversify the brand’s revenue streams and tap into markets looking for an iconic USA brand with a rock solid reputation.  This further fuels the capacity to expand in personnel, focus on product and brand development, and ultimately deliver exceptional product worldwide.

“2016 has been an exciting year already,” says Mountainsmith president Jay Getzel. “Our team has continued to capture market share in outdoor specialty shops while forging ahead with new projects that are sure to yield solid results for the brand in 2016, 2017 and beyond. Key retailers worldwide are rediscovering our nearly 40-year-old brand, thanks to Mountainsmith’s exceptional categorical diversity, unmatched value at price-point, and innovative designs.”

About Mountainsmith

Headquartered at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, CO for over 35 years, Mountainsmith is committed to creating durable provisions for every aspect of your adventure, on and off the trail.  Beginning with iconic lumbar packs in 1979, Mountainsmith products carry an emphasis on utility for those who prefer life outdoors.  Whether that is a solution for the backcountry, the gear closet, the office, the photo shoot, or even the dog; the brand offers tools that serve a purpose and stand the test of time.  Dedicated in its mission to improve the lives of fellow outdoors enthusiasts, Mountainsmith manufactures products that are… forged for life.  Visit www.mountainsmith.com to learn more.