MYSTERY RANCH Releases Spring 2024 Pack Lineup

January 25, 2024

Brand-New Radix Series Packs and Redesigned Scree, Gallagator Packs Offer a Wide Array of Options for Every Adventure

[Bozeman, Montana – January 25, 2024] /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – MYSTERY RANCH, pioneer of pack innovation with a legacy of load-bearing excellence and uncompromising comfort, is proud to announce the launch of the Radix Series, a game-changer in the world of lightweight backpacking, and significantly updated versions of the popular Scree and Gallagator pack series. Brand enthusiasts may now access the new packs online via www.mysteryranch.com.

“MYSTERY RANCH continues to redefine the backpacking experience with the debut of the Radix Series and the newly designed Scree and Gallagator packs,” says Dana Gleason III, Director of Product at MYSTERY RANCH. “Each series embodies our commitment to innovation, offering the perfect blend of minimalism, durability, and comfort. With customizable load options and sustainable design features, our new packs empower adventurers to go further with confidence and showcase our dedication to enhancing the outdoor experience.”

Radix Series:

Available in 57, 47, and 31 liters, the Radix Series is designed for the modern adventurer seeking the perfect balance of minimalism, durability, and comfort. In the realm of lightweight backpacking where every gram matters, MYSTERY RANCH understands the needs of backpackers who prioritize shedding weight for enhanced mobility. The Radix Series is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing packs that cater to the evolving demands of outdoor enthusiasts, especially minimalists who favor durability, repairability, and carry comfort.

Key Features:

  • Technical Excellence: The Radix Series is crafted with precision using Technical Ultra-PE Birdseye and recycled 100D Robic Ripstop fabric. This ensures the pack not only withstands the rigors of the trail but also provides the necessary durability to make it to the peak and back.
  • Customizable Load Options: The Radix Series offers a unique level of versatility. Users can choose to remove the aluminum frame system for an ultralight option, perfect for those aiming to minimize weight. Alternatively, keeping the frame in place provides a more structured load carriage, catering to a lightweight system with added support for specific mountain missions.
  • Removable and Repairable Features: MYSTERY RANCH takes sustainability seriously. The Radix Series includes a removable and repairable compression web and trim, ensuring the pack remains resilient against wear and tear, guaranteeing longevity, and reducing environmental impact.
  • Aerospace-Grade Frame Support: The removable 7000 Series aerospace aluminum frame is a testament to MYSTERY RANCH’s commitment to quality. It provides just the right load-bearing support tailored to the demands of diverse mountain missions.

Gallagator Series

The 2024 Gallagator series showcases notable enhancements compared to its predecessor. Inspired by Bozeman city trails, these packs offer fresh colors, lightweight recycled materials, and pocketed shoulder pads for improved organization, and are available in four sizes. The 2024 Gallagator introduces fresh design elements, pocketed shoulder pads, additional organization features, and an expanded size range, making it a more versatile and user-friendly option for urban trails and everyday use.

Scree Series

The updated Scree series boasts significant upgrades over its predecessor, enhancing its status as the leader in MYSTERY RANCH’s Trail line of packs. The technical 33 and 22-liter packs are designed for extreme pursuits, offering adjustable compression, a daisy chain with tool attachment points, an adjustable yoke, and a removable waist belt. The technical custom laminate fabric ensures durability, and a 3-ZIP access system simplifies pack access. Additional features include a zippered lid pocket, hydration reservoir compatibility, and both men’s and women’s harnessing options for a superior ergonomic fit. The new model also allows for further customization with a removable aluminum frame. The 2024 Scree introduces advanced features and improved materials, making it a more versatile and durable choice for outdoor enthusiasts tackling challenging terrains.

Whether you are a seasoned thru-hiker, a minimalist backpacker, or embarking on a weekend adventure, the new Radix, Scree, and Gallagator packs from MYSTERY RANCH are poised to be your go-to companions. Each series exemplifies the brand’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of the outdoor community while upholding the values of durability, repairability, and unmatched comfort.

For more information on the Spring 2024 new pack lineup, please visit www.mysteryranch.com.


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