Native Eyewear Announces First Installment of New Styles in 2017 Sunglasses Collection

November 18, 2016

Three New Styles Available

Denver, Colo. (November 18, 2016) — Native Eyewear announced three new styles from its 2017 sunglasses collection available for purchase both in stores and online. The Distiller, Eddyline, and Sightcaster continue Native’s core philosophy that fuses function and performance with style. The 2017 collection is designed to withstand and enhance all outdoor adventures from trail running, mountain biking, fly fishing, surfing, rock climbing, and more. Plus, they also look great for a trip around town.

“Like our customers, we’re passionate about being outdoors and living life to the fullest. We designed the latest models from our 2017 collection with the outdoor enthusiast in mind,” said John Sanchez, General Manager at Native Eyewear. “The latest sunglasses in our product line are all earth-friendly bio-based frames and feature the latest in lens technology and color enhancement that offer large to medium fit styles that complement the active lifestyle.”  

New 2017 Styles Available Include:   

DistillerNative extracted the essential aspects of their performance technology and combined it with sleek, classic styling to create a revved-up active lifestyle piece. With lightweight, eco-friendly frames, full coverage, high definition vision, and impact-rated lenses the Distiller is your perfect partner in crime for wherever you roam.

Eddyline: On the river, an eddy line is the dividing line between intermittent areas of slower upstream flow and the faster-moving downstream current. Just as its namesake suggests, the Eddyline sits at the convergence of performance and lifestyle. Superior color and contrast-enhancing optics help you spot obstacles, while Native’s patented Cushinol™ technology ensures they stay snug through rough terrain.

Sightcaster: Drawing inspiration from the fishing technique of sight-casting, the color enhanced high definition optics cut through glare on the water or on the trail. The full XL wrap frame comes with nonslip grip material along the temples and nose pads to ensure all-day comfort with a lightweight and secure fit.

Lenses Built for the Backcountry
All sunglasses in the 2017 collection include premium, polarized lenses that are engineered for long-term use under demanding conditions. Native lenses also deflect harmful cataract-causing, eye-cooking rays from ultraviolet to infrared and enhance color and detail by separating the scattered light rays that strain the eye’s view.

Frames That Do More Than Hold Lenses
Native’s advanced frame technology provides a lightweight, durable, and comfortable solution that can withstand harsh conditions, including high-impact collisions and temperature extremes. Native frames are constructed from a castor-based resin making them more earth-friendly and stronger than petroleum-based alternatives. Additionally, the patented grip Cushinol™ keeps sunglasses in place during athletic activity and trilaminate construction on select styles provides strengthening layers that bond between the frame and its finished aesthetic.

Coming Soon
Two additional sunglass styles will also be available in early 2017, including the Braiden a female-specific lifestyle option with a high frame brow, teacup lens shape, and trilaminate color details and the Ashdown a squared-lens frame with contrast-enhancing optics and comfort-based frame technology for all-day use.

A Complete Package
Native Eyewear believes that quality gear shouldn’t come at the cost of our outdoor playground. In addition to bio-based frame resin, Native’s packaging has been thoughtfully created. The packing materials are made from materials like recycled shopping bags, plastic bottles, soy-based inks, and recycled cardboard.

When Life Happens
Accidents are bound to happen, and that’s why Native Eyewear offers a premier lifetime warranty. Whatever the reason (excluding loss or theft), replacements are guaranteed for a processing fee.

About Native Eyewear: Being Native is about staying connected to origins. This is not about reconnecting to nature. This is about having never left in the first place. This is not about fitness. This is about fully owning your human body. This is not about the environment. This is about protecting your reason to live.

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With both summer eyewear and a newly launched winter goggle program, Native Eyewear is an all-season outdoor experience focused eyewear brand with effortless crossover into lifestyle. Native products feature premium polarization, light-filtering and eye-protecting vacuum deposited lens coatings on lightweight earth-conscious performance and lifestyle frames. Learn more about Native Eyewear at nativeyewear.com.