New Charcoal Chimney by CampMaid Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Funded

November 25, 2016

Innovative product completes Dutch oven and BBQ grilling systems to quickly and safely heat charcoal for outdoor cooking, scouts, emergency preparedness, and recreation

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. NOVEMBER 25, 2016 – CampMaid today announced its new Charcoal Chimney was successfully funded via Kickstarter, raising over $70,000. The patent pending design utilizes a funnel airflow which rapidly heats the briquettes, getting charcoal hot and ready to cook quicker than regular methods. A unique twist to heating charcoal for outdoor cooking, the portable, collapsible, one-piece chimney folds open to snap into place, and heats up to 40 charcoal briquettes at a time.

Traditional BBQ charcoal takes a long time to heat up. For situations that need small portable outdoor cooking systems for camping, backpacking, scouts, tailgating, emergency preparedness, river running, etc. it’s inconvenient to pack a huge charcoal chimney to heat your charcoal. This led to the invention of CampMaid’s Charcoal Chimney, which folds down to fit inside a 12” Dutch oven for compact storage and can be used for every BBQ or grill that uses charcoal.

The CampMaid system is versatile and portable, with all of its accessories fitting in the custom designed CampMaid 12” Dutch oven, and provides campers, scouts, tailgaters, hunters, beach-goers, river-runners, and especially emergency preppers a grab-and-go “outdoor kitchen-in-a-bag” solution.

“CampMaid’s passion for creating multi-functional, high-quality, outdoor cooking tools is endless,” says CampMaid founder and CEO Ken Yocum. “We take direct feedback from customers and implement ideas, suggestions, new concepts, and deliver what the customer wants with excellent service. We can’t wait to hear how our customers like the new Charcoal Chimney, which was inspired by many requests over the last year!”

The full CampMaid system and accessories are available now at http://campmaid.com/.

“CampMaid’s outdoor cooking tools are like the Swiss Army Knife of grills,” says customer Jon Voyt. “It converts like a Transformer into so many different functions…the cooking possibilities are endless! Each piece is designed to be used independently or in conjunction with other accessories to provide a variety of cooking options.”

The six-piece CampMaid Combo System includes:

Lid Lifter – Featuring the patented Grab-and-hold design to securely lift the lid off the Dutch oven and hold it off the ground while keeping charcoals in place. It doubles as a serving stand and pot holder, and can be flipped over and converted into a griddle or skillet.

Charcoal Holder – A unique heat source which can be used under any Dutch oven to hold charcoals, it can be clasped under the CampMaid Lid Lifter to provide an adjustable heat source to the griddle created from the lid being flipped upside-down. The unique design safely contains the coals and mess, and leaves-no-trace.

Flip Grill – Simply clip the flip grill to the CampMaid Lid Lifter to create a grill and use the Charcoal Holder as a heat source, making campside BBQ’s easy and delicious. Add some wood chips to the Charcoal Holder and the Flip Grill/Charcoal holder combo becomes a portable smoker.

Kickstand – Lifts the lid off of the Dutch oven, safely dumping the charcoals into one spot and holds it off the ground to cool for convenient clean up and minimal trace.

Dutch Ovens – Pre-seasoned ready to cook, high quality Dutch ovens are custom designed to hold CampMaid tools inside, comes in 8”, 10”, 12” sizes, with a convenient pouring tab. Easy storage in the CampMaid tool bags and is the core of the entire CampMaid cooking system.

New Charcoal Chimney – Portable, collapsible, one-piece, lightweight, heat-safe handle, quickly heats up to 40 pieces of charcoal briquettes for outdoor cooking, and quickly cools down for safety and storage.

Carry Bag – Sturdy with large handles, the bag carries your CampMaid Dutch Oven, Lid Lifter, Charcoal Holder, Flip Grill, Kickstand, and the new Charcoal Chimney.

About CampMaid

CampMaid is an innovative patented line of multi-use, compact, portable, outdoor cooking tools for camping, emergency preparedness/survival, scouts, tailgating, hunting, beach cookouts, small urban environments, gear junkies, and backyard BBQ’s. CampMaid’s outdoor cooking system inspires creative meals as it converts the multi-use tools to create a griddle, smoker, grill, steamer, pizza oven, frying pan, baking pot, and more, offering users a full range camp-kitchen-in-a-bag. Versatile, safe, portable, and leaves-no-trace, CampMaid is the only thing you need to elevate you next outdoor dining adventure. CampMaid is headquartered, warehoused, and ships online orders. Started a few years ago by a couple buddies who have a passion for the outdoors, CampMaid has quickly grown to an international company supplying and distributing products to USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe! For more information, recipes, uses, etc., visit http://campmaid.com/.