Nite Ize Puts a New Twist on Gardening

July 23, 2018

BOULDER, Colo., July. 23, 2018 – Nite Ize® reimagined their iconic Gear Tie® Reusable Rubber Twist Tie™ to create the solution gardeners have been seeking. The new garden-oriented Reusable Foam Twist Tie™ is gentle on plants, endlessly adjustable, and can be easily cut to size with household scissors. 

“I use Gear Ties everywhere and wanted to apply the reliability and versatility of our Gear Ties with gardeners’ specific needs in mind,” said Nite Ize Founder and CEO Rick Case said. “The result is a soft-touch reusable garden tie that’s safe for plants and durable enough to be used year after year.” 

This Reusable Foam Twist Tie features high-quality rubberized foam bonded to a bendable interior wire using a patented bonding process. This innovative design prevents peeling and stops sharp edges from being left behind when cut. The bendable wire inside holds its shape, making this Reusable Foam Twist Tie perfect for repositioning as plants grow, training vines, and securing plants to garden supports. UV resistant and waterproof, this Gear Tie is made to last through multiple seasons. Designed from the ground up to meet gardeners’ needs, even the packaging is crafted to easily hang in your gardening area as a spool for quick, convenient dispensing of the Reusable Foam Twist Tie by Nite Ize. 

Packaged in 20-foot lengths, this plant-friendly Gear Tie Reusable Foam Twist Tie is available with an MSRP of   $10.99. For more information about Nite Ize products, visit NiteIze.com. 

About Nite Ize: 
Founded on the principles of creativity and innovation, Nite Ize designs, manufactures and distributes solution- based products with quality and performance at their core. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., the company celebrates its 29th anniversary in 2018 and offers more than 500 innovative products and accessories in seven unique categories: Mobile, Hardware, LED Lights + Accessories, Bike, Fitness, Pet, and Games + Fun. Still captained by its founder and CEO, Rick Case, the Nite Ize team is passionate about their products, their customers, their partners and the environment. 

For more information, please visit NiteIze.com.

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