ORTOVOX to give away a piece of Tasmania — Merino Cool Wool

April 18, 2017

ORTOVOX introduced the functional sheep fiber in 1995 – the start of a Bavarian success story. Today the Taufkirchen-based company sources its Tasmanian wool from six selected farms: a collaboration that has forever been characterized by friendship, transparency and high standards of animal welfare.

But what is this functional fiber’s secret? Where does the wool come from? How do the animals live, and what about the people? The ORTOVOX MERINO story is about the animals, the farms and the people. Here, transparency and traceability are of primary importance. As part of this, farmers must produce their merino wool in accordance with our ORTOVOX WOOL POLICY, while the animals must live in a natural environment.

From the biannual sheep shearing and washing through to the creation of the MERINO yarn, Europe-Based Production and wool quality – for the first time ORTOVOX is providing a comprehensive insight into the production of nature’s most functional fiber. With reports, farm profiles and videos, ORTOVOX tells the story of animal and man, a story characterized by friendship and a sense of responsibility.

To celebrate the release of the MERINO story, ORTOVOX is giving away 25 ORTOVOX MERINO Cool Shirts in the typical casual ORTOVOX design. In this line, ORTOVOX combines two natural fibers, merino wool and Tencel®, a fiber obtained from eucalyptus wood. Tencel® stands out thanks to its high basic fiber humidity, great evaporative coolness and a flat fiber surface – ensuring it cools all on its own. Thanks to the combination with the Tasmanian merino wool, the t-shirts are simultaneously odor neutralizing, moisture and temperature regulating and unbelievably soft on the skin. ENTER NOW!