Oru Kayak’s New Customer Ambassador Program, “The Oruvangelists,” Take Action on Earth Day

April 20, 2019

San Francisco, CA – Oru Kayak, makers of the original origami-inspired folding kayak, is proud to establish a new customer ambassador program, “The Oruvangelists.” The Oruvangelist program was created to support the passionate Oru Kayak paddling community and to enable the brand’s most ardent paddlers to spread their love of water-based exploration and recreation. To kick-off the program, Oruvangelists will be hosting local waterway cleanups on Earth Day, April 20, 2019. The cleanups will promote stewardship of local waterways and connect paddling communities.

Since 2013, Oru Kayak has built a devoted following in the United States and internationally. On their own initiative, Oru Kayak owners started a Facebook social group to share paddling experiences, photos, boat modifications, and to connect with fellow paddlers. Perhaps the most meaningful compliment a brand can receive, Oru felt flattered and duty-bound to help nurture and support the group in positive ways.

Carolyn Morse, Head of Marketing for Oru Kayak, said of the new program, “Our goal from day one was to enable more people to share in the joys of paddling. To observe this type of organic interaction amongst our owners has been a thrill. We immediately began thinking of ways to help facilitate deeper connections, not just between owners but amongst the larger paddling community.”

The Oruvangelist program is simple: Oru enthusiasts sign up to be recognized as local ambassadors with the option to facilitate community paddling adventures and become a local resource for paddling tips, boat hacks, and trip beta. Oru also will look to Oruvangelists to provide feedback on future boat design and paddle accessories. In exchange for their participation, Oru provides exclusive discounts, schwag, and even financial support.

On Earth Day 2019, Oruvangelists will kick-off the new program by hosting waterway cleanups around the world from Dublin, Ireland to Shreveport, Louisiana. Despite the distances, a common thread connects the efforts — as Dublin-based Oruvangelist, John Murray, stated, “I am taking the time on Saturday to paddle and cleanup because when you do for the good of the village, everyone benefits.”

Oru is currently accepting applications to become Oruvangelists at

About Oru Kayak

Founded in 2012, Oru Kayak is a leading innovator in the kayaking industry and the first to bring a foldable kayak to market utilizing the principles of origami. Beyond the functionality of its engineering, the Oru Kayak stands apart from the competition for its superb on the water performance, durability, easy assembly, and stylish design. Based in San Francisco and manufactured in the USA, Oru Kayak is sold in dozens of countries across five continents including Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. For more information visit