Outdoor Retailer Announces CampMaid’s New Charcoal Chimney as the “Light My Fire” Award Winner

October 11, 2016

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Outdoor Retailer announces CampMaid’s new Charcoal Chimney as the “Best-in-Show Light My Fire Award” winner. CampMaid created a firestorm of excitement at the Summer OR Show by unveiling the hottest new portable Charcoal Chimney which rapidly heats charcoal for outdoor cooking.

CampMaid Charcoal Chimney Specs: 

  • Rapidly heats charcoal for immediate outdoor cooking – No matter what kind of BBQ you use, charcoal takes too long to get hot. The Charcoal Chimney’s unique air funnel design sucks up air, which is equally effective in strong windy environments allowing you to heat charcoal anywhere outdoors. The airflow creates a quick surge of powerful hot flames contained safely in the device, allowing you to start cooking much quicker.
  • Portable – The highly efficient design is a single lightweight piece that easily opens and snaps into place, and folds down to store inside your 12” Dutch oven. This is especially important for reducing the amount of gear you have to pack for outdoor cooking.
  • Versatile – The Charcoal Chimney can be used with any BBQ or grill, and it especially compliments the CampMaid Complete Outdoor Cooking System tools.
  • Heats 40 Charcoal Briquettes – While the Charcoal Chimney is compact and portable, it still heats up to 40 charcoal briquettes.
  • Heat-safe Handle – Many outdoor cooking products can be dangerous and cause burns so the heat-safe handle helps protect while being easy to hold, handle and manage – ultimately reducing the risk of injury around flames.
  • Cools down fast – The Charcoal Chimney cools down quickly after use allowing you to pack and store quickly

CampMaid is launching the Charcoal Chimney on Kickstarter’s crowd-funding site in just two weeks, and giving away 500 free Charcoal Chimneys to the first 500 backers who pledge $149 for the complete CampMaid Complete Outdoor Cooking System. The system is the most popular Christmas gift for the outdoor enthusiast who loves new unique gadgets and includes all of the following:

  •        CampMaid 12” Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven with unique pouring tab
  •        CampMaid Grab-and-Hold Lid Lifter & Serving Stand
  •         CampMaid Leave-No-Trace Charcoal Holder Tray Heat Source
  •         CampMaid Flip Grill & Trivet
  •         CampMaid Kickstand Lid Liter
  •         CampMaid Dutch Oven & Tool Carry Bag (all tools fold and fit into the bag!
  •         New CampMaid Charcoal Chimney
  •         (Retail value for all of the above = $240)

To be one of the limited first 500 backers to receive a free Charcoal Chimney, go to the following link and add your email to be notified the minute CampMaid’s Kickstarter is live.

GO TO: http://charcoal-chimney-landing-page-2.kickoffpages.com/

This entire first batch of inventory is expected to sell out within the first 48 hours of going live, so to avoid being placed on a backorder list, and to guarantee receiving it in time for holiday gifts, watch out for the live launch to make sure you order within the first 24-48 hours.

Backers can also buy just the Chimney at the lowest available Kickstarter early bird rate of $24.99 (Retail value $40). Several other backer award levels available ranging from $12-$200 to fit any budget.

CampMaid has 6,000 Charcoal Chimneys already in production ready for their official launch on Kickstarter October 21 so backers are guaranteed to receive their products by Thanksgiving, in time for holiday gifts. The Charcoal Chimney comes in a beautiful new box, no assembly required, a perfect gift for the BBQ/Outdoor cooking fan.

Ken Yocum, CEO & Inventor Explains: CampMaid is very honored to receive the Outdoor Retailer Best-in-Show Light My Fire Award. CampMaid’s passion for creating multi-functional, high-quality, outdoor cooking tools is endless. We take direct feedback from customers and implement ideas, suggestions, new concepts, and our customer requests for us to invent a portable, collapsible, charcoal heating chimney is actually why I have worked tirelessly over the last 6 months to create the Charcoal Chimney. We can’t wait to share this new addition to our complete outdoor cooking system and we greatly appreciate the support from the Kickstarter and outdoor community.

CampMaid’s Charcoal Chimney and Complete Outdoor Cooking System is perfect for:

  • Camping, Hunting, and Outdoor Adventures – the entire system allows for much more creative gourmet meal options in addition to just cooking in a Dutch Oven. Frying on the griddle provides an additional use for your Dutch oven lid.
  • BackpackingRiver Running, Fishing, Backcountry – the goal is to pack the least amount of lightweight gear, especially cooking options. Leaving the heavy Dutch oven at home, you can just take the lightweight Flip Grill with the Grab-and-Hold device, which turns your cooking options into a portable smoker and grill.
  • Survival, Emergency Preparedness, Off-the-Grid – Experienced preppers know how important it is to be able to not only survive, but thrive in a disaster scenario that includes loss of power and gas. With the CampMaid Grab-and-Go Complete Outdoor Cooking System.
  • Scouts, Trading Posts, Leave-no-Trace Advocates – Teaching our youth the importance of leaving the smallest footprint in our environment as possible is a top priority for Scout Troops. CampMaid designs all products with this goal in mind which is why troop leaders and scout trainers have voiced tremendous accolades about these new and exciting leave-no-trace outdoors cooking products.
  • Beach Cookouts, BBQ in Parks, Picnics, Backyards – CampMaid’s goal is to allow everyone to cook anywhere, safely and efficiently. The features like CampMaid’s Pizza Oven are a family favorite and the hit of the party at any family/friends event.
  • Tailgating, Sports Gatherings, RV ParksOff-road Adventure – At sports gatherings the focus should be on the game, not inconvenient cooking so CampMaid’s system makes it easy for fans to throw the entire Outdoor Cooking System in-a-bag in your truck and show up at the party ready to quickly cook. Breaking down to get to the game on time has never been quicker, easier, cleaner and more compact.

About CampMaid

CampMaid is an innovative patented line of multi-use, compact, portable, outdoor cooking tools for camping, emergency preparedness/survival, scouts, tailgating, hunting, beach cookouts, small urban environments, and backyards. CampMaid’s outdoor cooking system inspires creative meals as it converts the multi-use tools to create a griddle, smoker, grill, steamer, pizza oven, frying pan, baking pot, and more, offering users a full range camp-kitchen-in-a-bag. Versatile, safe, portable, and leaves-no-trace, CampMaid is the only thing you need to elevate you next outdoor dining adventure. CampMaid is headquartered, warehoused, and ships online orders. Started a few years ago by a couple buddies who have a passion for the outdoors, CampMaid has quickly grown to an international company supplying and distributing products to USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe! For more information, recipes, uses, etc., visit http://campmaid.com/.


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