Petzl Athlete Ashima Shiraishi Makes History as the First Woman to Climb V15

March 23, 2016

The 14-year-old American is the world’s youngest person, male or female, to climb a V15

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (March 23, 2016) — Fourteen-year-old American climbing prodigy Ashima Shiraishi made history today when she became the first female and the world’s youngest person, male or female, to climb a V15.

She sent Horizon (8C/V15) at Mount Hiei, Japan on March 22, 2016—a little less than two weeks before her 15th birthday. Japanese climber Dai Koyamada established Horizon on May 8, 2015. The 30-move boulder problem’s V15 rating is near the world’s current limit of climbing difficulty, V16.

“My dream came true!!!!!!!” Shiraishi posted on Instagram. “I just sent Horizon V15 in Hiei, Japan! I can’t believe that I have become the 1st female to do a V15 and the youngest person ever!!!!”

With her V15 send and her 5.15 ascents last year, Shiraishi has climbed some of the world’s hardest sport routes and bouldering problems. No other 14-year-old has climbed routes as difficult in both disciplines and only a handful of male adults have climbed as hard in both sport climbing and bouldering.
“The bar is constantly being raised in climbing, and this is one of the greatest achievements in climbing history. Ashima climbing V15 at only 14 years old is only a glimpse of the next climbing generation’s caliber,” said Dave Burleson, Petzl athlete manager. “An accomplishment of this level only proves that this sport is rapidly being pushed to new limits.”

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