Phunkshun Wear Launches New High-Performance Headband

May 23, 2022

Colorado company develops its most versatile moisture wicking product to date

Boulder, CO (May 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ –Phunkshun Wear, a Colorado-based company committed to sustainably manufacturing outdoor gear that delivers uncompromising performance and protection, has unveiled the swiss army knife of moisture wicking headwear, the Versa Headband, designed to be used in any activity ranging from dog walking to alpine climbing.

Founded in 2011 in Denver, Colo,. Phunkshun Wear was originally designed to meet the demands of ski and snowboard instructors. The company has since built its reputation on developing lightweight balaclavas, protective neck tubes, and now headbands that are all made entirely from recycled bottles and perfect for running, biking, skiing, hiking, fishing, yoga and other outdoor activities.

Phunkshun Wear’s all-new Versa Headband features incredible moisture wicking for high output pursuits due its construction materials of Repreve Recycled Fibers and Sorbtek. Sorbtek is a specialty yarn that has permanent moisture management through proprietary catch-move release technology allowing it to help wick sweat away up to three times faster than other fibers. The Versa Headband is also available in over 20 funky and fun colors, featuring styles that include flamingos, avocados, pineapples, and solid colors while also engineered to keep you cooled down after your epic ride or ultra run.

“We pride ourselves in delivering high performance sustainable gear, and I can confidently say this is the highest performing, most sustainable, USA-made headband available,” said Phunkshun Wear CEO Jason Badgley.

Phunkshun Wear has developed the Versa Headband as a way to bring spring and summer vibes to the outdoors, while also having an eco-conscious mindset during production. Using Repreve recycled fibers, industry disruptive technology, it transforms recycled bottles into high-end fibers for active performance allowing Phunkshun Wear to continue to stick to their core values of environmental sustainability, while also creating a product that excels in the outdoors, but also while sipping cocktails on the beach.

“If you’re active, the Versa headband is for you, the advanced moisture wicking technology wicks and dries incredibly fast and really improves your experience,” said Phunkshun Wear sales manager Patrick Meehan. Boxing, Biking, Running, Adventuring, Cooking, use it everywhere and anywhere!”

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About Phunkshun Wear

Officially founded in 2011, Phunkshun Wear has been manufacturing our products in the rocky mountains since day one. Founded to sustain your time on the slopes, designed to sustain our planet and community. Our company and factory embrace sustainability everyday throughout manufacturing, facility operations, product design, staff, and community. All manufacturing takes place in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Phunkshun Wear also supports the High Fives Foundation, Protect Our Winters, and SOS Outreach.

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