Polartec Launches ‘Beyond Begins Today’ Mini Series with Premiere of Chapter 1: Planet

May 22, 2024

When it comes to nature, there is no finish line. Change starts with each of us.

Planet Earth, The Universe (May 22, 2024)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/Polartec, a Milliken & Company brand and the premium creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, unveils the first of three short films which comprise the company’s multifaceted Beyond Begins Today campaign. Featuring Eva Karlsson (CEO, Houdini), Chris Parkes (Natural World Photographer), and Karen Beattie (Director of Product Management, Polartec), the first chapter explores our Planet and the intrinsic value of our natural world.

As a global initiative through which Polartec aims to raise awareness and unity around important universal themes including sustainability, diversity and positive change, Beyond Begins Today leverages static and multimedia content published on multiple touchpoints and channels throughout the year. Chapter 1: the Planet, is the first of three chapters with the second and third chapters dedicated to Product and People respectively. Viewed singularly or as a whole, the content is rooted in the underlying premise that the future is what we make it; extending to the fundamental belief that if we change behaviors, we can change the narrative. For our Planet. For our People. For our Products.

Our planet is our home.

Nature is our playground.

Changing our behavior can change the future.

It’s our responsibility to protect all we hold dear.

Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Its longevity is our responsibility. 

Its protection our reality. 

Karen Beattie, Director of Product Management, Polartec – “Our journey may have begun by creating the world’s first fleece made from recycled plastic water bottles. It didn’t end there. By accepting that yesterday’s achievements are the benchmark for tomorrow’s innovations, we can push harder and go further to safeguard our Planet. At Polartec, prioritizing environmental responsibility and contributing to a more sustainable future through innovative textiles and technologies brings us one step closer to leaving the world a better place than how we found it.”

Beyond Begins Today looks at how Polartec fabrics are made to last, and to be used and enjoyed from one generation to the next and beyond. It explores the innovative monomaterials, repurposed plastic and the plant-based nylon membranes that Polartec uses to set new standards for high performance fabrics; the ambitious climate-related objectives across the entire value chain that exceed existing mandates. Such a holistic strategy allows Polartec to stay at the forefront of its industry by producing top-notch textiles that champion environmental stewardship and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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