Purist, the world’s most versatile stainless bottle, keeps beverages adventure-ready and tastes 100% pure

November 14, 2018

Innovative bottle company partners with Meteorite PR for its deep experience in the Outdoor Industry

Morgan Hill, California – Picture a lotus in a still pond, its green leaves and pink-hued petals eternally dry and pristine. That’s not only inspiration for many mantras, but also one of nature’s technologies called the “Lotus Effect.” The leaves of a lotus flower naturally repel water–it beads and rolls right off, even collecting dirt on its way, leaving the lotus leaves clean and dry. The same principle is employed by Purist in its new line of bottles.

“With technology inspired by the way the lotus leaf repels liquid, we transform silicon dioxide, one of the most fundamental elements on earth, into a flawless glass interior finish that resists unwanted tastes to keep drinks pure,” says Cindy Feinauer, General Manager.

So, listen up backpackers, skiers, climbers, #vanlife-rs, and fun outdoors people of all stripes. This means your glacier-melt drinking water will no longer taste like this morning’s coffee, that your chamomile tea will no longer taste like lunch-break’s soup packet, and (yes, yes) that you really will be able to savor every note of tonight’s single malt. Tastes stay pure. No overlap–and no metallic taste.

Purist technology is the heart of what makes this stainless bottle so unique. Each bottle is made from a hybrid of stainless materials–a 304 stainless steel outer wall for durability and a 316 surgical grade steel inner wall for greater purity and corrosion resistance. Another bonus: When cared for properly, the Purist technology will remain intact for the life of the bottle. Because the interior glass finish essentially becomes part of the bottle, it won’t delaminate, chip, or peel off. Simply rinse with warm water and mild detergent or use a soft cloth when necessary. That’s it.

“Each component of these bottles was thoughtfully designed with a simple and intentional purpose, no frills or gimmicks, just the necessities,” says Feinauer. “From the subtle design lines of the bottles to the integrated handle feature of the tops, Purist is setting the new standard for functionality and design. We are pushing the boundaries of what you’d expect a bottle to look like and do. Purist is truly about inspiring and amplifying great possibility. To share that message, we partnered with a public relations agency that values our mission. The Meteorite PR team has a strong depth of experience in the industry, which was important to us.  But more than that, was the common belief in long-term partnerships and working closely, collaboratively, and thinking outside the box together. We believe in partnering with those who will challenge us, listen to us, and together create new possibilities. Meteorite is one of those partners.”

“We are thrilled to team up with Purist, as their commitment to innovation, and timeless design will allow us to work in fun and different ways to connect with media and consumers across North America,” added Eric Henderson, Meteorite’s PR Founder. “Along with creating innovative products, Purist is committed to social and environmental good. Our creativity will be infused throughout the work from activating, targeting and engaging to optimizing on the PR back end to drive business results.”

With its inception, the company launched the Purist Collective, a program that partners with community-based organizations to amplify, share stories, and celebrate what these organizations are creating in their communities. Purist will also share profits and resources to support their efforts and will create opportunities for these organizations to collaborate. Through collaboration, these organizations can learn from, support, and inspire one another. Purist Collective will begin partnering with organizations Fall 2019.


Purist is the Bay Area-based creator of inventive hydration bottles. Purist is founded on the principle of pure possibility and designs bottles without a hint of taste, thanks to innovative technology paired with inspiration from the natural world. Inspired by the lotus effect, the technology transforms silicon dioxide into a flawless glass interior. This material resists any aftertaste so that no matter the liquid, each sip is as pure as the next. This promises no metallic taste, no residual coffee stains, and no foamy beer pours, just pure possibility. For more information on Purist, visit

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