Rab unveils New Vapour-Rise™ range for fast-paced mountain activities

September 22, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – British outdoor brand Rab (owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.) has unveiled its updated Vapour-Rise™ collection for fast-paced mountain activities this Autumn/Winter season. Rooted in Rab Carrington’s visionary concept, a jacket tailored to the ‘fast’ alpinism of his era, Vapour-Rise™ has been meticulously crafted to efficiently manage fluctuating weather conditions and activity levels, making it the ideal choice for anyone engaged in high-intensity mountain activities.

The Autumn/Winter 2023 Vapour-Rise™ collection encompasses seven distinct styles for men and women, each precisely tailored to cater to the unique requirements of mountain runners, adventure cyclists, and alpinists.

Rab has built on its heritage, staying true to the timeless ‘put-on keep-on’ concept that garnered immense popularity within the outdoor community. Using a new generation of innovative and lightweight Pertex® Quantum Air fabric with fluorocarbon-free DWR, combined with body-mapped designs, Rab has engineered a range of even more wind and water resistant products that offer exceptional protection while ensuring optimal breathability and wicking during tough uphill sections.

These designs harmoniously balance the rise and fall of energy, hitting the sweet spot between wind chill, evaporative cooling, and the unpredictable conditions confronted by mountain people in their element.

VR Ridgeline Jacket

When reaching the summit demands a head-down, press-on approach, the VR Ridgeline Jacket, Rab’s lightest and most breathable Vapour-Rise™ style for men and women, offers the wind resistance and moisture control you need to keep warm and maintain your resolve through biting winds. Body-mapped specifically for running, built for those who are undeterred by the challenges of winter.

The VR Ridgeline’s Material Facts can be found HERE.

Product Images can be downloaded HERE.

VR Summit Jacket

Warm, protective, and offering unbeatable moisture management, the VR Summit Jacket for men and women is the ultimate all-day active insulation for big mountain days in winter. Responding to your output and expertly dealing with peaks and troughs of activity, it keeps you comfortable and making progress on frozen ascents and wild backcountry lines.

The VR Summit’s Material Facts can be found HERE.

Product Images can be downloaded HERE.

VR Alpine Light Jacket

Built for those critical moments when you’re out on the sharp end, the VR Alpine Light Jacket deflects the whip of the wind while regulating your temperature. Fusing the moisture control of Rab’s tried and tested Vapour-Rise™ system with protective details such as its helmet-compatible hood, it offers all-day comfort to keep you moving on exposed ascents.

The VR Alpine Light Jacket’s Material Facts can be found HERE.

Product Images can be downloaded HERE.

VR Cinder Jacket

Mud-splattered and breathing hard, your best days on the gravel track can be found in winter. Maximize on crisp mornings with the bike-specific incarnation of Rab’s Vapour-Rise™ range, deflecting brisk headwinds while managing moisture so there’s no need to change layers when the gradient rises. Keep riding through winter with the new VR Cinder Jacket for men and women.

The VR Cinder Jacket’s Material Facts can be found HERE.

Product Images can be downloaded HERE.

For more information on Rab’s Material Facts, please see HERE.

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