Red Paddle Co. Puts Inflatable Paddleboard Through Ultimate Durability Test

April 18, 2017

Vancouver, BC (April 18, 2017) – Red Paddle Co, the world’s most popular inflatable stand up paddleboard brand, has put its most popular inflatable board through “Board Vs.” “Board Vs.” is a series of 10 of the most extreme destruction challenges conducted during the past two weeks that test one inflatable board’s durability and strength.

“Many SUP users have misconceptions about the durability of inflatable boards” said John Hibbard, Red Paddle Co founder. “We developed the ‘Board Vs.’ tests to prove that Red Paddle Co boards are in fact tougher and more durable than most people realize.”

The “Board Vs.” campaign began earlier this month and was completed using the same inflatable 10’6” Ride MSL paddle board, which underwent a series of severe challenges measuring the pressure, weight and impact the board can withstand. Challenges included everything from launching the 10’6” Ride off a 50-foot crane to driving a Land Rover, a 9-ton tractor and a 22-ton excavator over the board.

Each durability test put Red Paddle Co’s one of a kind, patented Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL Fusion) technology to the test. Red Paddle Co is a brand that prides itself in the technology and innovation behind each and every board making them, faster, lighter and uniquely stiff, yet not prone to bend or pop, a feature highlighted in “Board Vs.”

“Although we do not use the state of the art MSL Fusion technology to specifically withstand the weight of a 22-ton tractor, it is incredibly reassuring to see our board outlast the most intense tests every carried out on an inflatable board before, while still being able to perform on the water afterward,” said Hibbard.

Don’t believe it? Watch the footage here.


About Red Paddle Co:

Red Paddle Co operates on two, basic brand philosophies: riding an inflatable paddleboard shouldn’t be a compromise and each paddleboard board should deliver an authentic experience. Founded in 2008, with a background in pro watersports competition, Red Paddle Co makes products that even the experts love. You can take your Red Paddle Co board anywhere, which means that you’re free to…EXPLORE YOUR WORLD.