RovR Chilling with a Men’s Journal 2018 Gear of the Year Award

November 19, 2018

ROVR RollR 60 honored for being a “total camp kitchen” as the most feature-packed cooler on the market.

Boulder, Co (November 19, 2018) – “I’ve had this idea in my head for so long,” says Tom DeFrancia, founder of RovR Products. “It’s been in my dreams and imagination to create a brand that helped foster a lifestyle of fun outdoor, gypsy-caravan, gatherings of friends and family. And this cooler is the center of all of it.”

As one of its 2018 Gear of the Year winners, Men’s Journal magazine agrees, praising the RollR 60 as “a total camp kitchen” after a testing trip to Idaho’s Clearwater country.

“I love that RovR is getting the reception that it is. I mean, I know it’s the best cooler out there, but to hear a respected national media outlet say that very much validates that,” says DeFrancia. “But we are very young in this business, and growing our customer base by making gathering together in the outdoors more fun–that’s really the goal,” says DeFrancia

RovR launched in 2016. With his four kids in mind, DeFrancia–an entrepreneurial type originally drawn to Colorado for its world-class mountain biking and snowboarding– began designing an 85-quart cooler; large enough and rugged enough to carry everything his family needed on a camping trip. Not just grillables and chillables–everything. He reimagined the cooler lid as a sturdy platform begging to carry stuff. He envisioned a light, sturdy towing handle and wheels with nine-inch all-terrain tires and a tough through axle. He solved for internal organization by sizing dry bins for open bottles of wine and packs of ribs. He included attachments for cupholders, a cutting board, and bicycle tow bar so you can pull the whole shindig behind your cruiser.  “I thought, if I could minimize my time from the car to the campsite or beach from three trips to one with a RovR, then that in itself is worth it,” he says.

And what he created was a rolling basecamp, a rolling party. After prototyping and dialing in every detail on production-ready models, DeFrancia launched on Kickstarter, was fully funded and delivered on time, and now is available in retailers across the country. And it’s bear-proof too, just in case.

Given that outdoor soirees come in all sizes, RovR RollR coolers come in 45, 60, and 80-quart models and made in America.

“We’re no flash in the pan,” says DeFrancia. “RovR’s contribution is making gathering outdoors with friends and family easy. Let’s have a good time!”

About RovR Products

Founded in 2016 and based in Boulder, Colorado, RovR Products crafts premium, made in the USA coolers and accessories that transport gear from the car to campsite as quickly and easily as possible. Offering the finest food storage performance available, RovR creates a new standard in the cooler market with all-terrain mountain-board wheels and a list of accessories that set them apart from the crowd. Available in the standard CampR and cyclist-friendly BikR, RovR coolers will go easily wherever your adventures take you. www.RovRProducts.com

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