Runderwear Signs SIMBOL Communications as PR Agency of Record

January 8, 2019

UK brand that created the booming “seamless running underwear” genre enters US/Canadian markets; SIMBOL to run PR and other marketing locally

Millboro, VA — The UK brand that started the recent seamless running underwear boom, Runderwear, has hired Park City-based SIMBOL Communications as their public relations agency of record. Runderwear has taken Europe and other areas by storm since its inception, and SIMBOL will now work to spread the word in the US and Canada about their signature seamless underwear, as well as their other products including men’s and women’s baselayers, jog-bras, socks, etc.

To begin the push, the new US-focused website was launched in November, 2018, along with a brand new Virginia-based North American distribution center which will handle all local orders. Plus, they’re already available in select specialty retailers and will pursue more now that the VA distribution center is established, and they’ll be bolstering the local team in the coming months. 

“We were voted the UK’s number 1 running underwear and sock brand in 2018, and we’re confident we’ll be equally well-received in the US and Canada,” says co-founder Jamie Smalley. “We’re hoping to start some serious buzz in this push, as this is one of those products consumer may not know they need until they try them. Once they do, as we’ve seen already, they will become an integral part of their running and other active-sport kits like XC skiing, hiking, etc.”

What began as organically as possible – two running-crazy friends couldn’t find running underwear that fit properly and/or didn’t chafe decided to create their own – has helped launch an industry-wide trend to replace the generic and often ill-fitting mesh and compression liners on the market today. But it’s the seamless technology and top-end materials, like their new Merino pieces, that make Runderwear products stand alone.

The result of almost two years of exhaustive research and trial-and-error, all Runderwear clothing is created on a 360-degree machine that sews each item from one continuous thread. This means no side seams and chafe-free running. Flatlock stitching means that even the edges are flat, eliminating irritation and rubbing and minimizing the dreaded “VPL.” All pieces are label-free, using sublimated branding and info instead.

“Where were these guys when I was running ultras!?” asks SIMBOL co-owner Scott Boulbol. “I’ve tried every type of liner out there in my 30 years of running, skiing and every other sport I can think of, but I never found one that fit right and didn’t chafe or otherwise drive me crazy. Until now. Runderwear offers exactly the type of innovative, problem-solving and meticulously designed products SIMBOL looks for with new clients, and we’re psyched to have them aboard. We’re already hearing a lot of positive buzz, and we’re expecting huge results in the NorAm markets.”

“As running nuts ourselves, we get a real buzz out of helping others achieve their running goals, like finishing a marathon or their first 5K — and so far we’ve helped thousands! Many of those come straight to our booth at the expo after the race to tell their tales and say thanks,” added fellow co-founder Richard Edmonds. “And with Runderwear they can do it in comfort without the hassles and pain of chafing or other issues with their kits. We’re confident SIMBOL can help us achieve similar results here in North America.” 

About Runderwear

Runderwear’s whole ethos is about creating chafe-free performance clothing. Runderwear clothing has no side seams and is label-free to prevent irritation and rubbing. Runderwear technical fabric is extremely soft, breathable and highly effectively at wicking sweat away from the body, ensuring you remain chafe-free in ultimate comfort, no matter how many miles you run.

About SIMBOL Communications

SIMBOL Communications formed to help brands tell truthful, authentic stories through exposure in a wide variety of media outlets, developing creative  in the outdoor, cycling and fitness industries — as both industry professionals and competitive enthusiasts — the founders of SIMBOL have the all the tools to get powerful stories to the right audience.