Sierra Designs Celebrates Life & Legacy of Co-Founder Bob Swanson

October 17, 2016

Sierra Designs is mourning the loss and celebrating the life of one of its original founders, Bob Swanson, who passed away last weekend.

Swanson co-founded Sierra Designs in 1965 with George Marks, a friend and fellow outdoor enthusiast. The pair recognized the need for better production of high quality, practical outdoor gear and set out to create a company that offered improvement and innovation, two guidelines Sierra Designs proudly adheres to today. Swanson and Marks felt that backpacking and camping should be about healthy fun, with equipment that enhances the experience rather than overwhelming the user. Swanson himself coined the name “Sierra Designs” after the outdoor playground he knew and loved in California.

“Bob Swanson truly raised the bar when it came to innovative and accessible outdoor gear,” says Sierra Designs Division Vice President and General Manager Eric Greene. “His passion for quality and pioneering spirit laid the groundwork for what this company is today, and we’re proud to carry on the legacy he started.”

About Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs was born in 1965 with a pioneering spirit into the world of backpacking and camping. Today, our crew of outdoor enthusiasts and seasoned explorers are on a mission to fundamentally redefine how we venture in the backcountry. We create outdoor equipment and apparel driven by technology and fearless approaches to keep adventurers miles from anything ordinary. Find more information at www.sierradesigns.com.