Sweet Protection Athletes Coach 2022 ‘From the Ground Up Project’

May 11, 2022

Alexey Vermeulen Finishes First in California Stage of Belgian Waffle Ride

(BOULDER, CO – May 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Sweet Protection, the industry leader in high-performance helmets, goggles and technical clothing, today, announced that two of their most recent athlete signees, Alexey Vermeulen and Ryan Petry, will be the highlighted coaches of the Outside TV, 12 episode saga, ‘From the Ground Up Project.’ During this video series the two professional cyclists will be training three people, all with little to no cycling experience, in an attempt to get them ready for the grueling Leadville trail 100 and Unbound.

Vermeulen, entering year six of professional riding, calls Boulder, Colorado home. He has been pedaling ever since he could walk which has helped him become a five-time road world championship team member, iceman cometh 2019 first place finisher, and with his most recent win, also a Belgian Waffle Ride first place finisher. Alongside him on the ‘From the Ground Up Project,’ is Ryan Petry, who also resides in Boulder. Petry, a professional mountain biker, has placed first in the Leadville SilverRush 50 and seventh in the Leadville 100 in 2015 and continues to inspire cyclists with his devotion to the sport and community.

“From The Ground Up Project has allowed me to connect with and impact the larger cycling community,” said Petry. “It’s easy as a professional athlete to lose touch with why you first fell in love with the sport, and I feel this project has rejuvenated my love for cycling because every day I get to interact with riders who are so excited to be learning and experiencing things for the first time.”

The project, born from the dog days of COVID-19, had the initial goal of finding a way to give the best guidance, while shortening the learning curve to new cyclists due to the sport seeing unprecedented growth. ‘From Ground Up Project’ also looks to create a community of people who want to push themselves through cycling and continue to stay stoked on riding after life returns ‘back to normal’ post-pandemic.

Vermeulen’s most recent win in San Diego, California at the Belgian Waffle Ride is nothing short of spectacular. This event is the first of four notoriously tough gravel rides, testing cyclists’ endurance, technical skill, and mental toughness as the most elite cyclists in North America look to accomplish the incredible feat of winning the quadrupel crown of gravel; which Alexey has the opportunity to do in 2022. The next three stages will take place in North Carolina, Utah, and Kansas.

“BWR San Diego has a special place in my heart. I think it is a race that takes strength, skills, tactics and luck to win and to put together a day with all four is magical,” said Vermeulen. “To win this year, especially with how my 2019 and 2021 editions ended, felt incredible and is something I will never forget!”

With the help of Sweet Protection, all athletes on the ‘From the Ground Up Project’ will be decked out in the latest gear from the norwegian-based company. This will include a choice of the Falconer for road biking, Trailblazer for mountain biking and then the Memento, Shinobi or Ronin/MAX for high-quality eyewear.

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