Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi® Mips Time Trial Helmet: A new benchmark in Aerodynamic

March 7, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Sweet Protection and Uno-X Pro Cycling Team redefine speed and introduce the new time trial helmet. The Redeemer 2Vi® Mips was engineered with Formula 1 aerodynamic expertise and developed in collaboration with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team and 2022 U23 ITT World Champion Søren Wærenskjold. Designed to provide performance through aerodynamics and uncompromising performance, the Redeemer 2Vi® Mips is possibly the most advanced time trial helmet on the planet.

The right time trial helmet is a crucial factor in shortening the ride time. Aerodynamic drag must be reduced to a minimum. When treating the rider and the bike as a complete system, you have a complex body with several aerodynamic challenges. The development of the Redeemer 2Vi® Mips focused on trying to find a solution for these issues. To offer riders not only a new milestone in speed, but also performance, Sweet Protection has collaborated with a team of experts: the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, an expert in aerodynamics with Formula 1 background and the Swedish company Mips. In countless wind tunnel tests at Silverstone and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, the experts succeeded in developing an outperforming aero helmet.

The well-known U23 ITT World Champion 2022 Søren Wærenskjold served as a model and case study for the new time trial helmet. He was crucial in the development and aerodynamics testing (both CFD and wind tunnel). The goal was to simulate an optimal time trial position to best fit the helmet to the rider. The professional athlete’s conclusion: “The Redeemer 2Vi® Mips is a seriously fast helmet. It’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.”

The process was accompanied by Casper von Folsach (Performance coach of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team): “I’m primarily working on making sure the power our riders put into the system, by pushing the pedals, is used as efficiently as possible. Hereby having it translate into as much speed as possible, which is what wins bike races. Aerodynamic drag is where most of the watts, the riders push, goes to overcome. For the overall aerodynamics of a racing cyclist, the helmet is critical. Hence why we have worked so hard on optimizing this helmet. I’m proud to offer the fastest solution together with Sweet Protection.”

The extraordinary design of the Redeemer 2Vi® Mips outlines the helmet as an innovation highlight. To achieve optimized airflow, specifically at the limiting regions around the head, shoulders, back and the front torso, the shape of the helmet and other features were re-imagined. The extremely low stack height of the helmet, achieved through variable density shells, and tight fit that aligns with the rider’s shoulders and back in the ideal position, minimizes aerodynamic drag. At the front of the helmet with the highest static pressure, a closed laminar flow duct has been designed: the Laminar Flow Bypass Duct. This allows the drag to be minimized on the center, while at the same time the air is accelerated through an air duct, exits at the trailing edge of the helmet at a higher speed than the air on the outside surface, which then flows around the rider’s shoulders to reduce the overall drag. A close-fitting and optional flush visor with two bypass ducts improves aerodynamics and prevents fogging.

Sweet Protection’s know-how in designing helmets was crucial to achieve the optimal aerodynamic characteristics of the Redeemer 2Vi® Mips. Based on their 2Vi® helmet technology, it offers performance and comfort without compromising on weight and volume. It consists of three main components:

  1. Next generation variable elasticity shell technology: Multiple polycarbonate shells in different thickness and a pre-preg carbon shell.
  2. Complex geometry shock-absorbing liner. Internal rib structure optimized to work with the Mips® safety system.
  3. Mips® Air Node system, designed to help reduce harmful rotational forces of certain impacts that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head. The Mips® Low Friction Layer is integrated into the comfort padding, and additional comfort pads allow for a customizable fit to achieve best possible comfort with the least possible additional weight.

The new Redeemer 2Vi® Mips time trial helmet showcases the partnership between Sweet Protection and the Norwegian Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, which started in 2019. “It is important for us to work with teams and athletes who share our passion for pushing industry standards to the limit. With Uno-X, we have a long-term partner on our side who wants to equip riders with not only the most advanced and highest performing products”, Pascal Herrmann (Marketing Manager Sweet Protection).

“It was extremely exciting to work with experts in different fields, push each other further in terms of what’s possible in terms of aerodynamics, comfort, and performance of a TT helmet. We started the project in December 2021 with the aim to create the best performing time trial helmet ever, and I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve.”, Thomas Larsen Røed (Senior Designer Sweet Protection).

The helmet was ridden in public for the first time at the Volta ao Algarve. During the 81st edition of the French stage race Paris-Nice, the Redeemer 2Vi® Mips was officially presented and will also be worn at the Tour de France this year.

The Redeemer 2Vi® Mips will be available from fall 2023.

About Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection combines industry-leading innovation with the finest craftsmanship to create the most advanced helmets, goggles and technical apparel in ski/snowboard, bike and paddle sports. The company was founded in 2000 by a tight-knit group of skiers, snowboarders, paddlers and cyclists in Trysil, a mountain village in Østerdalen, Norway. Since their beginnings, they have pursued the goal of both ensuring the safety of athletes and inspiring them to push their own boundaries – from World Cup ski racers to the weekend warriors.

More information: www.sweetprotection.com

About Uno-X

The Uno-X Pro Cycling Team is owned and operated by the mobility company Uno-X Mobility, with the mission to develop and promote solutions for sustainable mobility through its operations under the Uno-X and YX brands in Norway and Denmark. Uno-X Mobility has a long-lasting passion for cycling – the very heart of sustainable mobility.

More information: http://www.unoxteam.com/

About Mips

Mips specializes in helmet-based safety and is a market leader in this field. Based on an ingredient brand business-model, the Mips® safety system is sold to the global helmet industry. The Mips® safety system is patent protected and based on 25 years of research, testing and development in cooperation with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and the Karolinska Institute, both located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s headquarters and the test center are also located there, with more than 70 employees working in research and development, sales, marketing, and administration. Currently, Mips have partnered with over 150 helmet manufacturers. Since inception, the Mips® safety system has been included in more than 1,000 helmet models worldwide.

More information: www.mipsprotection.com