Tailwind Nutrition Welcomes Kristen Flemington as VP of Marketing

April 29, 2024

Durango, Colo. (April 29, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Tailwind Nutrition, the leading provider of simple and complete sports nutrition products for athletes, is stoked to introduce Kristen Flemington as Vice President of Marketing.

Kristen hails from Ashland, Oregon. She joins Tailwind after four years in marketing at Dutch Bros Coffee where she assisted in the rapid expansion of the company from coast to coast. She provided integrated marketing support as the company went public in 2021, becoming the largest publicly traded company in Oregon.

Kristen was also instrumental in the development and launch of the fan favorite Dutch Bros App which gained millions of members nationwide. Her experience spans over 17 years of campaign planning, digital programming, data and product development.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our talent pool with world-class leaders and creative minds like Kristen,” said Jenny Vierling, co-founder of Tailwind. “Kristen has a keen ability to energize brand advocates. Tailwind’s very strong and very loyal customer base provides the kind of foundation that Kristen thrives in.”

In her new leadership role, Kristen will bring her expertise in CPG to elevate Tailwind as it scales, with an emphasis on brand storytelling and exploration of new markets and segments.

“I look forward to propelling Tailwind to new heights as they are on the verge of tremendous growth potential,” said Flemington. “While we will never lose sight of the small town roots and home base of manufacturing in SW Colorado, this brand has the potential to reach many more athletes and those leading an everyday active lifestyle with nutrition as a top priority. Their products are tried and true, as demonstrated by our athletes, every day. I look forward to helping amplify the brand story, the products and the overall vision that Jeff and Jenny have laid a strong foundation for at Tailwind.”

Kristen has been an avid Tailwind user —fueling her hikes, trail runs and camping excursions for years. To connect with Kristen, message her on LinkedIn.

About Tailwind Nutrition

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2022, Tailwind Nutrition has been manufacturing all-natural sports nutrition products that are free of GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten, are easy to digest, and support an athlete’s fueling and recovery needs during exercise. Owned, operated and manufactured in La Plata County, CO, Tailwind Nutrition’s specially formulated drink mixes help athletes perform and compete at their highest level without the worry of food allergies or sensitivities. Tailwind is all you need. Really™. For more information visit tailwindnutrition.com