TAXA Outdoors Partners with Snow Peak for RVX: The RV Experience

March 12, 2019

HOUSTON, TX (March 12, 2019)TAXA Outdoors, the leading outdoor manufacturer of lightweight, adventure campers and trailers is exhibiting at the first-ever RVX: The RVX Experience, in Salt Lake City March, 12-14 at The Salt Palace. TAXA has partnered with Snow Peak, an innovative outdoor lifestyle brand, to bring design-forward and Japanese-inspired camp equipment to the TAXA booth and give showgoers a unique cross-branded experience. . 

Through this partnership, RVX attendees will be transported to a dream campsite featuring new rigs from TAXA and a plethora of accessories from Snow Peak including its new Takibi Tarp, Pack and Carry Fireplace, Jikaro Firering Table, folding chairs, premium titanium cooking and coffee tools and camp lights. Each vignette will highlight the unlimited potential and unique designs of TAXA and Snow Peak products for off-the-grid adventures.     

“Snow Peak is a perfect partner for us and a perfect complement to our lineup. They are as obsessed as we are with details of performance and quality as well as the rituals and pleasure of getting outdoors. Together we represent a commitment to a lifestyle that encourages people to unplug their phones and plug in to the wilds,” says Garrett Finney, founder. 

TAXA Outdoors was founded by Garrett Finney, a former NASA architect that desired to make a modern, lightweight, durable camper that could fit the whole family. Today, TAXA’s lineup features four models, including  a tow behind rig perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. At the RVX show, TAXA will be showcasing future concept editions of the Mantis, Cricket and Tiger Moth. These near future conceptions all share an eye for adventure, belief in efficiency, desire for safety and fanaticism for quality .

The future Mantis will include updates and renovations to key parts inside the rig  while maintaining its groundbreaking “garageability”, flexible and lightweight design.  These innovations include a new multi-function seating  system which folds up for using a laptop, playing games or dining, a  dinette table that can be used in or outside the rig, wider bunks allowing for family of 5, a kitchen with a portable fridge that can also be used inside, outside or in your car while driving, anew expansive rear hatch to bring more of the outdoors in, allowing easy access and ventilation.  Additionally, a Tech Package, will be offered that includes a Wifi booster and smart controls. Lastly, it will feature the latest from TRUMA so owners will have endless hot water with their Aquago on demand heater and endless heat with their super efficient Vario furnace. 

The new Cricket: Overland Edition will be for overland adventures and taking people even further off the grid with an axle-less Timbren suspension, a 4 inch lift that provides 19 inches of ground clearance and the ability to install 33 inch tires to match any Jeep tires and rims with your trailer. Inside the rig there will be a larger cafe table to accommodate all guests and finally a new TEPUI awning for more outside shade 

The newest TigerMoth will be lighter weight – under 1200 lbs.  It will feature redesigned cabinetry, aTRUMA Vario furnace for winter camping and  aluminum construction . The lower weight will mean that even more people will already own their tow vehicles! 

“We’re so pleased to partner with Taxa at the first-ever RVX show. Together, we’ve created an elevated and interactive experience for attendees,” said Michael Andersen, manager of brand engagement at Snow Peak. “Our goal is to inspire people to reimagine what their ultimate outdoor adventure could look like.  With sophisticated design at the forefront of both brands’ principles, our partnership is a perfect match.”   

Founded in 1958 by the dedicated climber and outdoorsman, Yukio Yamai, Snow Peak is an innovative outdoor lifestyle company. Originally setting out to innovate and modernize trekking and mountaineering equipment. Today the brand continues to evolve, developing the second generation of Snow Peak, luxury camping equipment. And the third generation, apparel. 

To experience the partnership between Taxa Outdoors and Snow Peak come by booth #2541 at RVX: The RVX Experience or visit them in the South Lobby entrance. To stay updated on news from Taxa Outdoor follow them on @taxaoutdoors on Instagram or check out their website

About Taxa Outdoors
Taxa Outdoors is an outdoor lifestyle company formed to design and manufacture high performance adventure equipment that helps people reach their goal of connecting with the outdoors. i.  Its products are crafted by hand in Houston, TX from durable, premium, eco-friendly, high performance material. Taxa’s vehicles are designed to make camping fun, comfortable, and secure. Taxa Outdoors attracts a diverse demographic groups including some RV users, but primarily those who love camping and the outdoors but require more than a tent.

About Snow Peak               
Snow Peak’s journey began in 1958, when its founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished Japanese mountaineer, created his own line of superior gear out of the dissatisfaction with available products. Yamai ‘s natural inspiration came from his life in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. A range of mountains that rise up to an altitude of 1000m form a wall on the boundary between Niigata and Fukushima prefectures, and the rivers and streams born from the peaks and valleys flow out to the East Japan Sea. It is this place that inspired Yukio, and to this day continues to inspire all of the products that come from Snow Peak. Today we strive to create products that inspire people to enjoy the outdoors, we seek harmony between people and nature, and we look to manufacturer with such high-quality standards that you may pass on your equipment to the next generation. This is where all of our designs are born.