Tepui Announces Pre-Sale of Much Anticipated Hybox for Holiday Arrival

October 16, 2018

Tepui Hybox Will Go On Pre-Sale Tuesday at Special Discounted Rate

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (Oct. 16, 2018) —Tepui, the leading brand of rooftop tents and outdoor adventure gear, announces today that the much anticipated Hybox, a dual purpose rooftop tent and cargo carrier, will go on pre-sale with arrival before the holidays. Tepui Hybox is available on for presale at $2,395, a $500 discounted rate.

Tepui’s HyBox can be used as a rooftop tent with comfortable sleeping platform and protective side canopy, or as gear storage in the off season or when traveling. The HyBox introduces a revolutionary design utilizing a high-strength ABS shell, providing a lightweight yet rigid, contoured exterior. Tepui’s patented Zipper Gimp system allows the tent canopy to be fully removed, converting the rooftop tent into a premium cargo carrier. The best of both worlds, now in one dual-use product.

“Hybox is a dual-purpose rooftop tent and cargo box that allows customers to have one quality product for camping and for transporting luggage, climbing gear, or ski gear” said Evan Currid, Tepui founder. “The reception of Tepui Hybox at trade shows and events was excellent. We are thrilled to offer the Hybox to our customers for $500 off of retail price and in time for the holidays. We see the Hybox as the future of rooftop tents and cargo carriers, providing a much needed versatility and ease of use.”

The unique aerodynamic shell design with the Tepui badge embedded in the upper shell provide a fuel efficient and quiet ride.  The interior upper is lined with a reinforced quilted insulation for sound damping and cold weather insulation.  The patent pending lower shell combines ABS, welded aluminum substructure with unique felt lined honeycomb Tepui Tec polypropylene panels that provide the reinforcement needed to store you or your gear. After the pre-sale, Hybox will retail for $2,895.


About Tepui
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