Thermore Ecodown® Fibers Marble

July 26, 2019

Turning insulation into art

For the last 5 years, Thermore has worked hard to develop the best possible free fiber technology.

The current Ecodown® Fibers are very lofty, with a high fill power, durable, recycled and white. They utilize the most advanced free fiber technology on the market.

“We realized there was very little to improve, technically,” says a Thermore spokesperson. “There was only one thing that we could change with this product and it would make all the difference: the way it looks.”

“The progress in fabric technology now allows fabrics to be very resistant and so light that you can see through them. We felt the apparel world was ready for the next challenge: using insulation to give garments unique visual interest.”

Thermore introduces the revolutionary Ecodown® Fibers Marble, which brings insulation into a new era: it turns insulation into art!

Ecodown® Fibers Marble is a true game changer in the apparel industry: jackets will never look the same, each garment will be unique, there won’t be two identical garments.

Why is marble so prestigious? Because there is no single piece that is identical to another, making each small piece of apparel a one of a kind. Just like art.

Humans need to feel unique, and clothing is a way to express our personality through our appearance. We all want to be different.

This is why Thermore created Ecodown® Fibers Marble: you will never feel like you are wearing something ordinary, every jacket is a piece of art with a unique design.

Thermore is also introducing the new Ecodown® Fibers Black product. It provides a 3D color effect using light colored fabrics. Also, it changes the hue of any fabric used, thus creating infinite possibilities and colors!