UCO Announces Sponsorship of National Parks Tour

May 20, 2016

Our Vie Adventures chronicles couple’s efforts to visit every U.S. national park

UCO, a Washington manufacturer of innovative lighting and fire starting accessories, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Our Vie Adventures national park road trip. The Our Vie team consists of newlyweds Cees and Madison Hofman and their cat, Vladimir the Kitten. They are celebrating the National Park Service’s Centennial by traveling to every national park in the United States and chronicling the journey on their blog.

Cees and Madison are lifelong outdoor enthusiasts who want to share their love of America’s beautiful spaces while motivating others to take advantage of our 59 national parks. During their nine-month adventure, they plan to spend several days in each national park meeting, interviewing and photographing people enjoying the great outdoors.

“We’re determined to see every one of America’s national parks,” says Cees Hofman. “We hope to inspire those who follow our journey to join us by getting outside and experiencing this country’s incredible natural resources.”

The Our Vie crew is traveling in a renovated 1989 Toyota Mini Motorhome, affectionately nicknamed “Vie,” making a massive loop that started in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park and will conclude in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

“Cees and Madison really capture the spirit of adventure that personifies UCO,” says Peter Pontano, UCO’s Marketing and Product Development Manager. “We’re thrilled to be a part of this journey that will motivate so many others to get outdoors and see our national parks.”

You can follow Our Vie’s progress on their website and Instagram page.

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