Warroad Hockey Co. Partners with Noble Biomaterials to Increase Production of its Cut-Resistant, Protective TILO™ Baselayers

November 20, 2023

Developed by co-founder T.J. Oshie, TILO provides players with unparalleled cut-resistant technology and advanced antimicrobial protection

SCRANTON, PA, November 20, 2023/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Warroad Hockey Co., an innovator in cut-resistant hockey apparel co-founded by NHL All-Star TJ Oshie, today announces its strategic partnership with Noble Biomaterials, a global leader in antimicrobial technology solutions. Warroad and Noble are ramping up production to meet increased demand for Warroad’s TILO Baselayers, the most technical protective baselayer on the market.

Developed with the help of Warroad co-founder TJ Oshie, the TILO Pro Stock Neck and Wrist Top launched in September 2023 to provide players with 360-degree protection around the neck and forearms – two of the most exposed and vulnerable areas on the ice. The base layer features revolutionary cut-resistant technology, Noble’s Ionic+® silver antimicrobial technology with a micro-mesh fabric construction designed to prevent rashes and skin irritation.

TILO’s adjustable neck collar, made with Kevlar and protective foam, helps deflect and absorb the impact of skate blades, sticks, or elbows on players’ necks and clavicles. The built-in, cut-resistant wrist protection is made from flexible Cutlon® and is 15 times stronger than steel. Ionic+® antimicrobial silver technology is interwoven into the base layer, providing enhanced apparel protection against bacteria to reduce odor.

“Warroad has been on a mission to enhance the safety of hockey players across all levels since 2018,” said Jason Olden, co-founder at Warroad. “Cut-resistant protection will soon be something players wear every time they take the ice. Gear with such regular use needs exceptional antimicrobial performance, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Noble to ramp up production and continue to provide players with best-in-class protection.”

Noble Biomaterials specializes in developing advanced antimicrobial fabric solutions for healthcare infection prevention and apparel. Noble’s Ionic+® silver ions are permanently embedded into TILO’s fabric, inhibiting and eliminating growth of bacteria that cause odor.

“As a leader in antimicrobial technology, we’re excited to collaborate with Warroad to bring enhanced innovation to the TILO baselayer,” said Joel Furey, founder and chief commercial officer at Noble Biomaterials. “Our Ionic+® silver gives players advanced, long-lasting protection each time they take the ice, so they don’t have to worry about the impact of bacteria on their performance apparel.”

Warroad and Noble’s partnership comes when the demand for cut-resistant hockey protection is unprecedented. While TILO is trusted by NHL All-Stars including Brock Nelson, John Carlson, Josh Morrissey, Tom Wilson, and more, Warroad aims to give every level of the sport access to premium player safety.

Warroad’s TILO collection is available for purchase in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth sizes at www.warroad.com/collections/tilo.

About Warroad Hockey Co.

Warroad Original Hockey Co. designs and manufactures product for the performance, safety, and recovery of today’s hockey athlete, combining modern fit engineering and technical performance with the strong traditions of the game. Warroad collections get players to and from the rink and give comfort on the long bus rides and in airports. It is gear for the entire hockey journey…a journey filled with adversity and celebration…everything for the Warriors’ road. For Warroad, it is all about the love of hockey, the stories that become legends, the crazy players that become lifelong friends, and the game that shapes its players from a young age into the adults they are destined to become.

To learn more about Warroad’s TILO™ collection, please visit www.warroad.com/pages/tilo-technology.

About Noble Biomaterials, Inc.

Noble Biomaterials, Inc. is a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications. The company produces advanced material technologies designed for mission-critical applications in the performance apparel, healthcare, industrial, and emerging wearable technology markets. Its flagship brands, IONIC+®, X-STATIC®, and CIRCUITEX®, are used by hundreds of world-class licensees to provide odor elimination, infection prevention/management, biometric monitoring, and conductive protection benefits. Noble Biomaterials is a registered FDA medical device facility, an essential sole-source technology supplier to the US military, and a US EPA–registered antimicrobial manufacturer. Noble products are EPA, FIFRA, BPR, and CE conforming.  Its headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Scranton, PA, and the company has offices in Europe, Asia, and South America.

For more information on Noble Biomaterials and to view their full range of fabric applications, please visit www.noblebiomaterials.com.

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