Wild Women’s Project Expands 2017 Trips — Fostering Social Change, Environmental Impact and Innovation

February 9, 2017

Uniting women to connect and lead in order to drive change to the challenges our community faces today.

Durango, CO (February 9, 2017) Wild Women’s Project, an intimate weekend immersion gathering women to converse and ignite action on social change, environmental impact and innovation is focused on cultivating more women leaders.

What began as a select high country hut trip in July of 2016, has evolved into a place for diverse writers, athletes, leaders, activists and entrepreneurs to meet, be inspired and collaborate.

“We wanted to give women a space to truly connect, away from athletic competitions, trade shows and massive events,” says co-founder Amanda Goad. “At a place with enough freedom for creative minds to flow, enough inspiration for new ideas to grow, and enough momentum for knowledge and opportunities to flourish. So, with dawn patrol hikes, morning meditation and afternoon trail runs, we set out to create a non-competitive environment ,where the most important topics of our community today, were naturally addressed by some of the most influential and dedicated minds.”

Since the 2016 beta Wild Women’s Project trip, new non-profits have formed, business ventures have advanced, and conversations and connections on social impact have thrived—and this is just the beginning. So, what’s next for Wild Women’s Project?

To increase the momentum for 2017, four core trips have been developed — serving a wider audience, keeping conversations progressing, and focusing on diversity — all while fostering more women leadership roles. Trips will be available in two trip series — Summits & Camps.

Summits Trips (July and September) will consist of 14-20 strong, vocal and diverse leaders impacting the outdoor community. These trips are invite-only and limited to a number of guests that are interested in using their influence to impact social, environmental and innovative change. Beta trip attendees included professional skier Caroline Gleich, Wylder Goods founders Jainee Dial and Lindsey Elliott and writer Heather Rochfort.

Camp Trips (August and September) are open to the public, but a reflective application process is encouraged before signing up to attend. These trips are used as a stepping stone for building more women leaders in the outdoor community, aided by the positive attributes of influential leaders who had previously attended our Summit Trips. Then, there is an evolving opportunity for Camp attendees to strengthen their voice, learn how to provide influence and eventually have the opportunity to join a Summit Trip in the future.

“Take a good look—this is what the future of the outdoor industry looks like. You’ve got women who are championing outdoor advocacy, redefining the retail space, pushing the limits of their sport, fighting to save wild places, and doing it all through incredible storytelling and community building. Having a seat at this table is a humbling, uplifting gift and I can’t wait to watch this bright future unfold.” — Katie Boue, Environmental Advocate & Outdoor Industry Association

Serving as a catalyst for new ventures, ideas and actions in the outdoor community, all while strengthening the voice of women individually and collectively, Wild Women’s Project will be collaborating with other amazing modern women’s groups like No Man’s Land Film Fest and Wylder Goods; non-profit alliances, like San Juan Mountain S.O.L.E.S.; and brand partnerships with businesses that believe in our mission and are excited to be a part of growing women’s leadership opportunities.

A big thank you to Filson and Deuter for quickly committing to our “Title Guest” sponsorships and attending individual trips first hand this year. Additional current sponsors include Teva, FITS, Native Eyewear, Ursa Major, Sperry and EPIC bar. Wild Women’s Project is actively searching for more Key Partners that are eager to be a part of building and supporting women’s leadership in the outdoor community. For sponsorship opportunities please email amanda@boldbrewteam.com.

For more information on our 2017 trips, Join the Wild Women’s Project Facebook Group and subscribe to our emails at wildwomensproject.com.

About Wild Women’s Project

Wild Women’s Project is a space for women to gather, converse and ignite action on social change, environmental impact and innovation. Founded in the summer of 2016, to connect amazing women and cultivate leadership, in order to drive change to the challenges our community faces today. Wildwomensproject.com / @wildwomensproject