Winter Camping Can Really Suck – Or It Can Be Epic: Heliconia Releases New Winter Tips Video Series

March 11, 2019

Heliconia is proud to announce the release of a new series called “Winter Tips”. Hosted by Eric Hanson, expert backpacker and star of the popular Epic Trails TV show, the series provide viewers with best practices on how to successfully, and enjoyably, go winter camping. The videos, eight in total, can be viewed on the Backpacking TV YouTube channel.

The Winter Tips series was officially launched with the release of an inspirational video fittingly called “Winter Camping Can Suck – Or it Can Be Epic.” Filmed over 2 days in -4 Fahrenheit temperatures in the beautiful Ottawa Valley, Canada, this piece combines breathtaking cinematography with easily accessible expert advice. Throughout, Eric explains his desire to inspire others to give winter camping a try.

“Most people don’t want to experience the discomfort [of winter camping],” empathizes host Eric Hanson. “But what they’re doing is ruling out that they’re going to experience the other extreme, which is the joy and the elation and the peace and the beauty that comes with it.”

Viewers keen on learning more about winter camping can subscribe to the Backpacking TV YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/BackpackingTV, or visit Eric’s blog www.erichanson.tv/blog.  

Brands and tourism destinations interested in partnering with Eric and reaching the wider backpacking community are encouraged to contact Brendan Mark, Heliconia’s Vice-President, at brendan@helipress.com.  

About Epic Trails: Epic Trails is an exciting and inspiring adventure travel TV series that follows host, Eric Hanson, as he explores the people, places, and adventures surrounding the world’s top trails. Each 30-minute episode airs on Outside TV and the FOX Sports regional networks. Learn more about the series at www.epictrailstv.com.

About Heliconia: Heliconia is an award-winning video production company that specializes in outdoor productions. For 22 years Heliconia has helped industry-leading brands, and some of the world’s top tourism authorities, communicate their marketing message in a unique, and inspiring way. Heliconia offers custom video production services and produces seven unique television series which air on such networks as Sportsman Channel, FOX Sports, Outside TV, Nautical Channel, and World Fishing Network. Heliconia is also a leader in online video productions, with over 264,000 YouTube subscribers and 64,900 million views. See all of Heliconia’s work at www.helipress.com. 

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