With Aero Disc Brake Now Shipping, Reynolds Cycling Boasts Greatest Offering of Road Disc Brake Wheels

March 31, 2016

After being debuted in 2015, Reynolds Cycling now has a clincher, tubeless clincher, and tubular road disc wheel available to consumers for any type of riding imaginable.

Most recently available to consumers is the company’s 46 Aero Disc Brake, a wheel designed to give a rider aerodynamic advantage with the added benefit of disc brakes in road race, flat, and rolling terrain applications. An all-around performer, the 46 Aero Disc Brake is also a superb choice for cyclocross riding and racing.

For climbing applications that also reap the benefits of tubeless technology and disc brakes, Reynolds Cycling offers the 1454 grams-per-set Attack Disc Brake. The lightest and shallowest wheel in the company’s Performance line boasts a 25mm cross-section to support the trend toward wider road tires, ensuring a better tire profile and suppler ride.

“Disc brakes and tubeless tires for road applications are the wave of the future. We realized this in 2014 and have been designing wheels for it ever since” cited Reynolds Cycling’s Marketing Manager Billy Demong. “We offered wheels ahead of the disc curve to ensure consumers had a go-to option when the market presented itself.”

For those who prefer to ride where the pavement ends, Reynolds Cycling’s flagship gravel wheel for all-terrain riding, the ATR, is as burly a wheel you’ll find for getting far off the beaten path.  Built on a robust, wide-profile 29mm external / 21mm internal width carbon fiber rim, wide tubeless tires find themselves at home at low pressures providing absurd amounts of traction while Center Lock disc hubs give the rider positive braking response in any surface.

The ASSAULT SLG Disc Brake has been one of the best selling wheels in the Reynolds line since the evolution of disc brakes. For unsurpassed braking performance, it also sports a modern tubeless-ready rim channel and 25mm width to provide lower rolling resistance and a smoother ride. Factor in the 41mm rim profile with Reynolds Cycling’s Enhanced SLG technology and you’ve got a fast wheel that can stop on a dime.

About Reynolds Cycling:

Reynolds Cycling engineers and manufactures premium carbon composite and alloy bicycle wheels sold in more than 48 countries worldwide. Reynolds has an unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, housing a state-of-the-art engineering and testing studio, sourcing only the highest quality materials, and maintaining ownership of a dedicated manufacturing facility. A pioneer in composite design, Reynolds brought the first all-carbon fork to market. Two decades later, Reynolds Cycling remains committed to making the best, lightest and fastest wheels available, proven both in the lab and under the saddles of the world’s top cyclists and triathletes. For more information, visit www.reynoldscycling.com.

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