Women’s Speaking Engagements Advance at Winter Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2018

January 17, 2018

Continuing to pave a positive path for our community and industry, by building more women leaders, the conversation about and among women isn’t going anywhere at Outdoor Retailer.

DENVER, COLORADO Wednesday January 17, 2018 — Building on Summer’s “When Women Lead” Panel, Jen Gurecki of Coalition Snow and Amanda Goad of BoldBrew and Project16x, will be co-hosting multiple women-focused panels at The Camp, The Ranger Station and Something Independent’s Trade School.

Our Home: A new vision for the future of the outdoors

Saturday, January 27, 2pm-3pm @ The Ranger Station in Venture Out, Booth VO129 – SL

Inspired by Audre Lorde’s quote “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” Jen Gurecki of Coalition Snow and Amanda Goad of BoldBrew are co-hosting an interactive and collaborative speaking engagement at The Ranger Station in Venture Out at this winter’s Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show. Titled “Our Home: A new vision for the future of the outdoors,” this experiential presentation will feature several leaders in the outdoor industry describing how their “tools”—i.e. their assets and their strengths—are part and parcel of building a new future for the industry.

Tools of the Trade — Juicy Bits Live Podcast Recording

Saturday, January 27th, 11:30am @ Something Independent’s Trade School @Understudy, 890 C 14th St Convention Center

Coinciding with “Our Home,” Gurecki and Goad will be recording a “Tools of the Trade” live session of Coalition Snow’s new podcast, Juicy Bits, at Something Independent’s new Trade School where they’ll be diving deeper into the nature of wor,, Lorde’s quote, and the state of women in our industry.

Generation Everyone

Friday, January 26, 11am – 12pm @ The Camp (Booth 56117-UL)

Gurecki and Goad will be co-hosting a panel at The Camp, “Generation Everyone,” asking the question, “how do we bridge the gap between generations and cross-pollinate sound experiences in the outdoor industry?” As our community grows and evolves, let’s learn from the experiences of our industry’s leading women, while infusing the industry with a diverse and fresh lens for future generations. Speakers include: Natasha Hale, Grand Canyon Trust; Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, Verde Strategy; Jen Taylor, Mountain Khakis; Kami York-Feirn, Osprey Packs; Shanti Hodges, Hike It Baby.

Additional Women-Lead Speaking Engagements

Force of Nature: Lessons Learned in Leveling the World’s Largest Playing Field

Thursday, January 25th, 11pm-12pm @ The Camp Booth 56117-UL

Speakers: Laura Swapp, REI, Ellen Krimmel, prAna; Andrew Kelly, Columbia; Michele Orr, REI Co-op

Camber Outdoors Keynote

Saturday, January 27th, 7am-9 am @ the Four Seasons Ballroom, Denver Convention Center

Speakers: Donna Carpenter, CEO Burton, Sally McCoy former CEO CamelBak, Jerry Stritzke, CEO REI, and Jim Weber, CEO Brooks Running.

When Women Lead Part 2

Saturday, January 27, 2018: 3:30pm – 4:30pm @ The Camp (Booth 56117-UL)

Speakers: Deanne Buck, Camber Outdoors; Georgina Miranda, She Ventures; Jen Gurecki, Coalition Snow; Amanda Goad, BoldBrew.

Pioneering Outdoor Advocacy Through Social Media

Saturday, January 27, 2018: 3:30pm – 4:30pm @ Mineral Hall at the Hyatt Regency Denver, OU9

Speakers: Katie Boue, Outdoor Industry Association, Danielle Williams, Melanin Base Camp; Elyse Rylander, Out There Adventures; Gale Straub, She Explores; Jenn Brunson, Outdoor Industry Association.