Yoga on Gaia Launches Morning Ritual Experience

December 13, 2016

Awaken each day with steady, mindful practices with Yoga on Gaia

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (December 13, 2016) — Gaia, the world’s largest resource of conscious media, announces its new yoga experience Morning Ritual. Featuring some of Gaia’s most coveted teachers, Morning Ritual includes two yoga series’—Sunrise Yoga and Yoga Every Day—designed to inspire, encourage and craft healthy personal transformations through the practice of a yoga morning ritual.

“Gaia is dedicated to creating content to help guide our audience toward their highest potential,” said Dana Donley Morton, senior marketing director of Yoga at Gaia. “Our Morning Ritual videos are designed to support your desire for a regular practice and to begin every day connected and energized.”

The foundation of Gaia’s Morning Ritual experience is to share and show people the overwhelming benefits of a morning ritual—a practice that has existed in ancient cultures and around the world for centuries—and help change people’s lives to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled both on and off the yoga mat.

New to Gaia, Sunrise Yoga features mindful 30-minute practices twice weekly with the most experienced and prestigious teachers in the yoga community. Just like the consistent energy from the sun’s light, Sunrise Yoga is designed for frequent practice throughout the week to establish a morning ritual with yoga.

Yoga Every Day is a series of 15-minute yoga practices released daily, Monday through Friday, to encourage at-home yoga practice at any time of day. The videos are led by Gaia yogis who approach yoga from a mindfulness perspective and show that even a little yoga a day still has life-changing power on the human mind, body and spirit.

“Even practices as short as 15 minutes can set the tone for the day and prepares you to handle life and all its challenges in a more relaxed and productive way,” explained Morton. “We’re excited to see the power of transformation that Morning Ritual will offer.”

Gaia is currently available on Apple TV, Roku, IOS, Chromecast and on the web. For more information and membership rates, please visit Gaia.com/yoga.


Gaia, originally Gaiam TV, is a streaming video subscription service offering exclusive streaming conscious-media content. Gaia’s library contains more than 7,000 films, documentaries and original programs to guide its viewers on their journeys of personal growth, spirituality and seeking truth. Gaia is currently available on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Roku, Chromecast and the web.