Abom, Inc. Introduces Ballistic-rated Safety Goggles with Zero Fog and Superior Scratch Resistance

April 20, 2016

Portland, Ore. (April 20, 2016) – TodayAbom, Inc. introduces the first in a series of safety goggles featuring its patented KLAIR™ technology to prevent fogging. Coupled with a ballistic-rated, extremely durable and protective Carl Zeiss lens, the KLAIR technology-equipped goggle offers zero fog for an entire work day with just one press of a button.

“There is a very large—greater than $1 billion worldwide—market for industrial protective eyewear,” states Jack Cornelius, Abom CEO. “After introducing Abom active anti-fog technology to the snowsports world and military market, we decided to target the commercial and industrial protective eyewear segment for our next product and market push.”

In industrial and commercial work environments, protective eyewear is essential, and often required, and fogging is not only a nuisance, but hinders productivity and safety. Most safety goggles use a soft plastic inner surface to accommodate fog coatings, but Abom’s patented KLAIR technology eliminates that need.

With KLAIR, inner lens surfaces are scratch-coated on a dense polycarbonate lens to reduce or eliminate scratches from normal use and cleaning. Using a transparent thin-film conductive layer, a small current is then introduced into the lens and produces enough heat to clear up fog in a matter of seconds.

Powered by two lithium batteries, Abom’s safety goggles are rechargeable with a standard micro-USB cord. Goggles can be recharged with a standard 110v/220v wall charger and/or a standard 12v auto-charging outlet. They may also be connected to any USB charging port.

Abom safety goggles will be available starting in fall 2016 at www.abom.com and soon thereafter via industrial suppliers and other sales channels.

About Abom, Inc.:
Founded in 2012, Abom, Inc. launched the world’s first fog-free goggles. Led by a group of inventors, scientists and designers, Abom is on a mission to make the future safer and more fun with leading-edge technology. Abom presently produces and/or licenses its anti-fog technology in snowsports goggles and military/tactical goggles. Look for more announcements in the future about new Abom products or products from Abom technology licensees, as other new products are on the drawing board for applications in the above markets and other markets. For more information, visit www.abom.com.