Avatech Expands Crowdsourced Snow Safety Platform in France with Key Partnerships

October 2, 2015

PARK CITY, Utah (October 2, 2015) – Avatech, a technology company developing the first global, crowdsourced platform for mountain safety information, will partner with two key French snow safety organizations for the 2015/16 winter season. The national association for snow and avalanche education Nationale pour l’Étude de la Neige et des Avalanches (ANENA) and the Chamonix valley rescue organization La Chamoniarde will utilize Avatech technology and services for their mountain safety infrastructure and communication platform.

“Avatech has provided us with new means to efficiently and accurately communicate mountain safety observations,” states Dominque Letang, director of ANENA. “The sharing of this information is critical for the safety of our international community and Avatech’s tools will prove to be invaluable to all our mountain travelers.”

ANENA, the national association for snow and avalanche education in France, will incorporate Avanet web and mobile apps into its operations and educational curriculum. Forecasters and educators will use the SP2, the next-generation smart probe, for quickly analyzing and sharing snowpack information. This marks the first partnership of its kind in Europe for Avatech.

“La Chamoniarde strongly supports the development of Avanet and the SP2,” says Christophe Boloyan, director of La Chamoniarde. “The technologies Avatech has created to share ever-changing snowpack data with mountain professionals and enthusiasts aligns perfectly with our mission to eliminate avalanche-related accidents.”

On a regional level, La Chamoniarde is a nonprofit organization that oversees safety activities in the fertile off-piste zone surrounding Mont Blanc. Since 1948, La Chamoniarde has promoted mountain safety by sharing individual competencies and experiences with the mountain community, and is in charge of mountain rescue in the Chamonix valley.

“Mountain safety infrastructure has a long history in the French Alps, for good reason,” states Thomas Laakso, brand president of Avatech. “As a global mountain safety company we are very proud to enable the technical platform of two respected and historical organizations of such regard.”

Avatech is building the largest and most intelligent network of mountain-safety information in the world, powered by connected hardware and software. For more information on Avatech, visit Avatech.com.