Decibullz’s New Earplugs Stop Harmful Noise, not Conversation

January 15, 2017

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (Jan. 15, 2017) – Decibullz, the leader in custom thermofit earplugs and earphones, today announced a new addition to its earplug line – Custom Molded Percussive Filters. These high-tech filters allow comfortable conversation yet engage automatically to block noise from gunfire through a mechanical filter that doesn’t require batteries, so it’s always ready.

“Whether it’s hunting, clay shooting, construction, or military use, we wanted to ensure our earplugs protected users in their favorite activity while still giving them the chance to have situational awareness,” said Kyle Kirkpatrick, Decibullz CEO. “Our new Custom Molded Percussive Filters are comfortable, stay in place, and offer variable protection without the hassle or expense of powered electronic solutions.”

Decibullz’s existing earplugs come with an impressive Noise Reduction Rating of 31dB, and the new Percussive Filters offer similar protection levels for users like hunters while allowing for some ambient noise to pass through. That additional protection is crucial, as a single shotgun blast can hit 165 dB. In comparison, the pounding of a jack hammer only reaches 125 dB.

Decibullz’s new filters offer users that additional protection without comprising their hearing experience. The filters are ANSI IPIL certified up to 166 dB. When no loud noises are present, users can still hear low-level noise, such as conversation. The filters also allow sound directionality and spatiality, meaning users can hear all around them, which is critical for hunters.

The new filters do not require power, so hunters can focus on their next shot instead of turning on – or charging up – their earplugs.

Decibullz will showcase its new Percussive Filters Jan. 16-20 at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The filters are available for pre-order through www.decibullz.com starting January 16.


About Decibullz

Decibullz is a brand that caters to people who seek comfort and optimal fit in earphones and earplugs. After extensive research, creator Kyle Kirkpatrick concluded that the only way to fit earphones and earplugs precisely is to mold them to the exact shape of the user’s ear. Decibullz was created to solve this problem with an affordable, quick, and easy solution. Decibullz are simply the most comfortable and best fitting wireless earpieces on the market.