LifeStraw Expands Global Safe Water Program In Mexico This Month

October 10, 2018

Water filtration leader provides 2,546 school children in Chiapas with access to safe drinking water, supported by consumers on-site and in the United States

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 10, 2018)  LifeStraw®, a global leader in developing innovative filtration and purification products for safe drinking water, is expanding its safe water program to Chiapas, Mexico, where this week the company will deliver LifeStraw Community purifiers to rural communities providing access to safe drinking water for over 2,546 school children. LifeStraw’s Give Back Program receives its funding from consumer purchases: for every LifeStraw product purchased, one child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire school year. Currently, LifeStraw is supporting over one million kids in 1,621 schools worldwide where 10,677 purifiers are installed and over 10,000 follow up visits have taken place, continuing monthly. 

“With frequent coastal weather events and increasing concerns around drinking water quality in Mexico, it is important to expand our safe water programs where there is need,” said Alison Hill, managing director of LifeStraw. “This initiative builds upon the strong partnership we’ve built with the Mexican government. We look forward to sharing our expertise and technology.“

In addition, LifeStraw will utilize this program to fine-tune its processes, nurture relationships with the local government, partners and distributors, and further augment its safe water efforts across Latin America.

Additionally, LifeStraw is bringing a select group of consumers from the United States to work directly alongside local volunteers, school teachers and LifeStraw team members to install water purifiers and educate on safe hydration. 

For more information, visit www.LifeStraw.com and follow along on Instagram and Twitter at @LifeStraw. 

About LifeStraw: LifeStraw focuses on innovation of technology that converts microbiologically contaminated water into safe drinking water with products that are designed to fit the needs of the people that use them. The first LifeStraw was the LifeStraw Guinea Worm Filter introduced in 1996, which has been instrumental in the near-eradication of Guinea worm disease. In 2005, the personal LifeStraw filter was introduced for use in developing countries, and the technology has since been time-tested in some of the harshest environments and humanitarian emergencies since then. Today, LifeStraw is used in 64 countries and includes filters and purifiers for households, clinics, schools, and for outdoor recreation, travel and everyday personal use. LifeStraw is sold in North America in retail stores and online at www.lifestraw.com.