New Kestrel® Ballistics Weather Meters Provide Fast, Accurate Aiming Information

January 19, 2016

Kestrel Sportsman and Elite Ballistics Weather Meters maximize long-range shooting confidence and success

BOOTHWYN, Penn. (January 19, 2016) — Kestrel, a division of Philadelphia-based Nielsen-Kellerman, announces the release of its newest ballistics weather meters: the Sportsman Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and the Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics. Both models are based on Kestrel’s newest and best-in-class weather instrument, the Kestrel 5 Series, and offer the full power of the Applied Ballistics solver for unmatched long-range accuracy.

Kestrel invented the ballistics weather meter in 2011, combining real-time measurement of air density and wind with an on-board ballistics calculator customized to the shooter’s gun and round, to provide shooters elevation and wind holds that let them make first-round hits at extremely long range. The Kestrel Sportsman and Elite models are just as rugged, capable and easy to use as Kestrel’s original models, but add an improved display, switchable white/red backlight and more connectivity features.

The Kestrel Sportsman model is designed for any hunter or shooter who wants to start confidently taking shots at ranges they would have previously passed up. Starting at $419, the Sportsman offers a full G1/G7 ballistics calculator and the ability to store configurations for up to three user guns. The on-board Applied Ballistics solver includes advanced calculation features that ensure success out to the trans-sonic range of bullet flight (roughly 800 yards), including muzzle velocity truing and correction for cross-wind aerodynamic jump correction, spin drift and Coriolis. Muzzle velocity truing automatically calculates muzzle velocity from observed actual shot data, which lets shooters get started without a chronograph, or fine-tune their readings if they have one.

The Kestrel Elite model is the instrument of choice for experienced long-range shooters, tactical shooters, or anyone interested in advanced ballistics. Starting at $609, the Kestrel Elite model adds Applied Ballistics solver features (including drop scale factor and the full library of Litz custom bullet drag models) that are proven to provide accurate firing solutions well into the sub-sonic range of bullet flight. An on-board range card, advanced ballistics data page and storage for 16 user guns round out this feature-packed, compact shooting companion.

“I’m proud that we are continuing to advance a product category we invented,” says Nielsen-Kellerman CEO Alix James. “The app and laser rangefinder connectivity are long-range shooting game-changers.”

Both the Sportsman and Elite offer optional Kestrel LiNK® wireless connectivity powered by Bluetooth® Smart technology. LiNK enables wireless communication to iOS and Android compatible mobile devices, Macs and PCs. The free Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app lets users easily build and transfer gun profiles, enter target range and view solutions remotely from their shooting positions up to 100 feet away. When paired with the Kestrel Vane Mount, a Kestrel Sportsman or Elite with LiNK becomes a remote weather spotter that is invaluable for practice.

LiNK is also compatible with the new Elite 1 Mile CONX laser rangefinder by Bushnell. Both the Sportsman and Elite model can be paired with a CONX rangefinder, which automatically transmits range to the Kestrel and displays the resulting elevation inside the rangefinder.

“With accurate environmentals and the world’s best ballistics solver, the Kestrel Sportsman and Elite Ballistics Weather Meters give every long-range shooter increased confidence and probability of hit,” says Nielsen-Kellerman VP of Product Management Michael Naughton.

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