PK Grills Co-Owners Launch The “Fire & Smoke Society”

May 1, 2019

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (May 1, 2019) – Scott Moody and Brian Taylor, co-owners of PK Grills, maker of the iconic hand-poured aluminum PK Grill and Smoker, today announced a new venture, introducing a line of high-end, consumable grilling products. Dubbed “Fire & Smoke Society,” the product line includes premium spice rubs, traditional sauces and marinades, hot sauces, and high-performance charcoal and fire starters. Together, the products create the ultimate compliment for PK Grill owners and any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

“We began in each case with really high-quality raw materials and then wrapped them in a distinctive and fun brand. We want Fire & Smoke Society to provide a unique outdoor cooking experience and you’ll see that attitude in the packaging, the product descriptions and most importantly, the flavors,” said Scott Moody, Chief Marketing Officer at PK Grills. “We’re taking a page from our successful grill business by creating a high quality, slightly quirky line of products that people just fall in love with after the first use.”

Fire & Smoke Society collaborated with chef, writer, and cookbook author Paula Disbrowe to develop the perfect collection of spice blends and sauces. “Our goal was to elevate the outdoor cooking experience on every level, with spice blends that make everyday meals extraordinary, sauces with distinct personalities, all seasoned with a generous dose of fun. We’re thrilled to share the results.” said Disbrowe. Disbrowe is a frequent contributor to “Food & Wine” and “Southern Living,” among other national publications, and has written seven cookbooks, including “Thank You For Smoking” (Ten Speed Press, March 2019). Throughout the development process with Fire & Smoke Society, Disbrowe has been able to provide next-level expertise and culinary experience. 

With six different options to choose from, Fire & Smoke Society’s spice line appeals to a diverse range of palates, making it easy for experienced backyard grillers, as well as novice beginners to create big flavors fast. 

  • The Usual – A savory, aromatic, all-purpose blend that ramps up the goodness of everything – especially burgers, grilled vegetables, chicken, pork, crusty bread and crispy potatoes.
  • Pork Perfect – The ideal blend of tangy, hot-and-sweet spices to curl your tail and make your pork dishes sing, “hallelujah!”
  • Texican – This Mexican and Lone Star-inspired mix is great on chicken and turkey, pork (especially chops and tenderloins), fajita meat, and in enchilada sauce and chili.
  • Thundering Longhorn – The bold flavors of coarse black pepper, cumin, espresso, and garlic create an untamed seasoning formulated to elevate any red meat.
  • Chicka Licka Bam Bam – A Louisiana-inspired blend that brings a bayou flair to grilled poultry, game, gumbo and etouffee. 
  • Wicked Winona – A warm and seductive blend of smoky spices give grilled meats and vegetables a passport to delicious.

Fire & Smoke Society’s sauces are inspired by the distinct character of three craft beers – stout, IPA and pilsner. 

  • Messy Beard – Balanced with a healthy dose of black pepper, this sauce embodies the velvety texture and coffee notes of a great stout; perfect for brisket, beef ribs, and steak. 
  • Hoof & Pucker – Inspired by the pilsner beers of Northern Germany, this hoppy wet rub is flavored with whole grain mustard and a hint of honey; slather it on pork shoulders, chops, and ribs before smoking.
  • Glazer Beam – This IPA-based liquid gold is flavored with a splash of blood orange juice, fire-roasted tomatoes, and coriander; use it to perk up any poultry or pork. 
  • Tupelo Two-Step – Their riff on a Southern classic, this sticky, sweet-and-dark sauce is made with molasses, tomato, and vinegar; brush it on beef, chicken, pork, and wings.

Last but not least, Fire & Smoke Society’s inaugural product line includes a high performance lump Charcoal designed to burn clean and hot, allowing food to cook naturally by its pure heat. Fire & Smoke Society charcoal has fewer impurities and less size variability than competitor brands, which results in more consistent, even cooking temperature and minimal ash. Fire & Smoke Society charcoal will be available initially in 15 lb. bags. 

Fire & Smoke products will begin shipping to better independent hardware and outdoor stores in late May and will be available in national grocery by years end. Learn more or get in touch at www.fireandsmokesociety.com.