Robust Success: VSSL JAVA Surpasses Kickstarter Goal by 1,500 Percent

September 22, 2020

ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia – September 22, 2020 – VSSL, creator of modern preparedness essentials for the outdoors, last week ended a successful Kickstarter campaign for the JAVA – surpassing the brand’s $25,000 CAD goal by 1,500 percent. The JAVA – a premium, ultra-durable, portable hand coffee grinder – was the fifth VSSL product successfully launched on the Kickstarter platform, raising $378,579 CAD in 30 days.

“Like the other products we’ve launched on Kickstarter, we expected JAVA to ultimately hit its goal – but we had no idea that it would smash through it within the first hour,” said Todd Weimer, Founder of VSSL. “The JAVA has undoubtedly been our most successful crowdfunding campaign to date, and we certainly plan on continuing to utilize the platform going forward.”

VSSL has launched some of its best-selling products via Kickstarter, including the Camp Supplies, Flask and Camp Supplies Mini. The brand’s first Kickstarter campaign was launched in September 2014 and was successfully funded within two weeks, surpassing the goal by over 200 percent.

“Kickstarter has allowed us to gauge consumer interest, while amplifying brand awareness and raising capital for production costs,” continued Weimer. “As a young brand, it’s been a critical tool for bringing our products to market.”

The JAVA, which expands upon VSSL’s line of preparedness tools, was designed with caffeine-fueled adventure enthusiasts in mind, utilizing high-end construction and premium components to deliver exceptional coffee grounds no matter where the road may lead. The JAVA will officially launch internationally in February 2021, which also aligns with the estimated delivery of the Kickstarter units.

The JAVA is available for wholesale/retail. For more information contact Darren Koop at darren@vsslgear.com.


About VSSL
An industry leader in outdoor survival and preparation, VSSL manufactures modern tools for the outdoors. VSSL makes ultra-compact, versatile gear kits of essential outdoor supplies, housed in sleek, waterproof, military-grade, and virtually indestructible “vessels”. Each unique VSSL offers an extremely compact and efficient way of transporting essentials, without compromising valuable pack space and weight. For more about VSSL, visit www.vsslgear.com.