Ski Racer Henrik Kristoffersen Changes Eyewear Brand – Signing with Sweet Protection

February 14, 2019

(Oslo, Norway) As the youngest male ski racer to ever win an Olympic medal, Henrik secured his spot amongst the elite alpinist skiers in the 2014 Olympics with a bronze medal in Slalom and has never looked back since. He has been a part of the Sweet Protection athlete team on helmets since the very beginning.

Sweet Protection just released the news that they are launching eyewear for fall 2019, and with that Henrik Kristoffersen has now decided to start using Sweet Protection eyewear, alongside with other great athletes such as Aksel Lund Svindal, Ragnhild Mowinckel and Chris Davenport.

“I am stoked to be partnering with Sweet Protection also on eyewear because I know the brand, the people behind it, and I am super impressed about the unique product development and the constant push for innovation. What matters the most to me is to have the best products possible enabling me to maximize my potential,” says Henrik Kristoffersen. 

Already starting during the World Championship in Åre, Henrik will be performing with the new Sweet Protection goggles. 

Bjørn Fjellstad, Managing Director of Sweet Protection, says, “it’s an honour to be working with Henrik as one of the most talented ski racers today. His focus on details and always searching for the best equipment makes him a great resource for us continuing to push innovation and product development. We share the passion of making the safest and best protection products possible.”

The new Sweet Protection goggle collection features RIG™ (Retina Illumination Grading) lens technology, which is a brand-new proprietary lens technology that enhances contrast in all conditions, provides less eye fatigue and enhances depth perception.

The Clockwork goggle is a close- fitting goggle enabling a field of vision like no other goggle on the market. Developed with and used by our World Cup racers. Featuring RIG™ lens technology and GORE® Protective Vents for Pressure Equalization.

The Interstellar goggle is our no-compromise, revolutionary, freeride goggle. Highlighted by RIG™ lens-technology, the patent-pending Excenterlock lens changing mechanism, a unique carbon fibre reinforced frame and 

GORE® Protective Vents for Pressure Equalization.

The Firewall goggle is our go-to goggle for all-mountain use. With a cylindric lens shape and a touch of retro design, this goggle delivers on both looks and technical features with a best in class field of vision. Available with RIG™ lens-technology.

The full collection of goggles will be available fall 19.

About Sweet Protection
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