VOORMI® Introduces PHASE-HVis™ Technology

December 12, 2016

The Future of Wool Just Got Brighter.. Literally…

VOORMI®, a developer of highly engineered proprietary textiles for performance apparel, is looking to brighten the future of wool. Literally.

Leveraging the company’s proprietary Precision Blending capabilities, VOORMI’s new PHASE-HVis™ Technology delivers a range of brilliant color and high visibility options previously unavailable for performance wool garments.

VOORMI’s PHASE-HVis™ Technology ushers in a new era of color and visibility for a category that has traditionally been restricted to muted natural tones. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool is a naturally light absorbing fiber that struggles to present bright/fluorescent color. By strategically interlacing a matrix of advanced high-visibility fibers with fine micron merino wool, VOORMI has managed to break the long held challenges of building wool-based garments for cyclists, runners, and hunters. “We’re always interested in expanding the scope of our Precision Blended Wool™ Technology Platforms,” says VOORMI CMO Timm Smith, “while much of our development to date has focused on improving things like durability and wicking performance, we’re always on the hunt for opportunities to push natural fibers in to new performance spaces”

For Fall 2016, VOORMI released the limited edition RMEF Access Vest in Blaze Orange with PHASE.HVis™ Technology. Designed to keep sportsmen safe and visible, the Blaze Orange Access Vest represented the first integration of vivid color using Precision Blended™ Wool Technology. VOORMI has plans to extensively expand the PHASE.HVis™ line for Spring 2017 with a range of new high-visibility wool apparel for cyclists, runners and endurance athletes.

Headquartered in Southwest Colorado, VOORMI is a cutting edge developer of highly engineered proprietary textiles for application in performance apparel. With numerous textile breakthroughs, patents, and national awards under their belt, VOORMI seeks to continually expand and redefine what is possible with natural fibers. Sourced and manufactured in the United States, VOORMI® products feature distinctive base, mid-layers, outerwear, and lifestyle mountain apparel designed to meet the demands of backcountry adventure and high-elevation mountain living. For more information visit www.VOORMI.com