Camp stoves don’t work well in crappy weather. Camp stove wind blockers don’t block wind.

March 12, 2020

WindTamer Camp Stove Companion

WindTamer Camp Stove Companion is the first significant upgrade to the common camp stove in more than 100 years. I built this for personal use while living out of an off road trailer for 9 months. Pretty soon, camping neighbors started asking for something that would also allow them to cook wholesome meals in their camping kitchen during high wind or cold and wet weather.

  1. High output camp stoves require high fuel input and do not stop the wind, rain or snow. And they are very expensive to buy and to operate.
  2. WindTamer will turn a brand new $45.00 Coleman stove into a high performance campground appliance while cutting fuel consumption up to 70%.
  3. Camp stove sides and top don’t block much wind beyond a mild breeze.

Physics 101:  Wind passing over a camp stove “wind blocker” sides and top, creates a vacuum on the leeward side and sucks heat and flames away from the burner.

  1. WindTamer lets heat and moisture dissipate slowly.
  2. Nomex shell breathes and sheds rain.
  3. Nomex shell is tough enough for alternative fuel when your canned fuel runs out.
  4. WindTamer doubles as an oven so you can bake, roast and simmer with minimal fuel consumption.
  5. Use cast iron Dutch ovens in fire restricted zones, which is most of Western USA most of the time.  Campfires are illegal and very dangerous.
  6. Canned fuel always runs out.  Seals can fail without warning.
  7. WindTamer  will accommodate charcoal and fire.  The shell is made from Nomex which melts around 750 degree Fahrenheit
  8.   Eco friendly.
  9.   Set up is fast.
  10.   Keeps flying bugs off your food and keeps prepared food hot in cold weather.
  11.   Made in USA  Hesperia, CA

Mitch Schliebs